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Wrap Around Care 4U. Leading the way in before and after school care. Agenda. Who are we and why are we going to run a before and after school service? A profound childcare dilemma and our solution Your feedback from the parent survey What will WAC4U be like as a child?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • WrapAroundCare4ULeading the way in before and after school care

  • AgendaWho are we and why are we going to run a before and after school service?A profound childcare dilemma and our solutionYour feedback from the parent surveyWhat will WAC4U be like as a child?

  • WAC4U Who are we?Childcare4uPrivate Daycare Nurseries in Marlow & BeaconsfieldOfsted rated outstandingKaren Richardson-ScarfeEYPS qualification10 years experience in childcareManagement consultancy backgroundWorking Mum with 4 childrenSam KellyChartered Accountant with over 20 years experienceWorking Mum with 2 children

  • A profound childcare dilemma Mismatch between school and work hoursMultiple solutionsQuit workFlexible working with or without additional childcareChildcare optionsProfessional (nannies, childminders)Non-professional (friends & family & au-pairs, )Ad-hoc after school activitiesAny combination of these optionsDecision drivers are cost, logistics and the safety and happiness of the childAn imperfect compromise is often the result

  • As a parentI work and need excellent quality childcare i.e. I need to be able to concentrate at work secure in the knowledge that my child is safe, well cared for, having fun and learningI need to know my child is safeI want to know they have had some fresh air, exercise and a healthy snack and ideally learned something with their friendsId like to pick them up and their homework is done doing homework at 18:15 onwards is too late/results in very negative home time Homework as a working parent is best tackled at the weekendId like them to be socialising with their friends in a familiar environment with familiar carers/teachersGood value quality service that isnt complex to organiseReliable with no sickness or other associated issues e.g. Nanny being off sick or child minder ill

    I choose the school so why wouldnt I choose an after school club run at my childs school?

  • Fundamental belief that working parents need excellent quality childcare at an affordable price and children need to be happy, secure and above all gaining enhancing their learning, socialising and health.

  • The WAC4U solutionComplete wraparound careLow-stress logisticsOpening times to reflect the typical working dayFlexibility to reflect varied childcare requirementsSafe and happy childrenQuality childcare delivered by a highly qualified professional team with experience in care and educationVaried program of fun and educational activities in a safe and familiar environmentContinuity of careSame school, children and teachers and ability to join in with afterschool clubs

  • The WAC4U solution Part II

  • WrapAroundCare4UYour feedback on the viability of running a before and after school service - 81 respondents

  • Free form comments 40 comments provided by parentsOverwhelmingly positive and welcoming of the service (apart from 1)Typical questions/comments included:Longer hours required 07:00-19:00Flexibility re hours attended (and paying only for hours attended)Ad hoc attendanceAvailability of sibling discount

  • WrapAroundCare4UWhats it like for a child?

  • Morning Programme07:45 - Meet and sign in07:45-08:15 WAC4U checks homework is complete and children chat/play with their peers or finish homework08:15-08:30 Stretch and wake exercise programme08:30 Water and dried fruit snack08:50 - Off to school

    Note: a range of equipment and activities will be set out for the children to play with and/or the children can select for themselves

  • Reception & Key Stage 1 Afternoon Programme15:15 collect (for reception) and register 15:15-15:30 sign in and register children from years 1 &2 and review of who has homework dried fruit & water

    15:30 Set group activities from kit in a box or singing and music - 1:1 five minute reading slots with teacher/LSA continues through to 16:0016:15 16:45 - Free play in the playground 16:45 17:15 group lesson/activity on a set subject see curriculum reading continues17:15 17:45 Exercise programme17:45 Snack and water18:00 close and sign out

    *** children may join after school clubs subject to signing in and out and self transitioning no discount provided

  • Key Stage 2 Afternoon Programme15:15 - Registration and sign in (with dried fruit & water)

    15:15-15:30 Each childs homework is reviewed and children are grouped by homework to be completed15:30 1:1 five minute reading slots with LSA or Nursery Nurse15:30 16:00 Move and groove exercise programme16:00 16:30 Homework time with teacher support (1:1 reading continues)16:30 17:15 Free play in the playground (good weather) or group activities (poor weather) set tables with age appropriate equipment to be set out17:15 Snack and water17:20 - 18:00 Structured fun but educational activities e.g. science quiz, building a rocket18:00 close and sign out

    *** children may join after school clubs subject to signing in and out and self transitioning no discount provided

  • Educational programmeSet of fun educational activities provided one per day for key stage 1 and key stage 2Objectives for the session - what the children should get out of each activityResources requiredHow to run the session e.g. groups of xEducational discussion pointsPaperwork e.g. quizs

  • Exercise programmeDVD/memory stick beamed via laptop onto screen or interactive white boards 3 minute health related discussion e.g. portion of fruit size of your palm, 8 glasses of water a day etc 10 different short and fun exercise routines (i.e. 2 week rotation) from Pilates to Zumba and Kick boxing to circuit sessions qualified children's sports trainer Am session aimed at stretching and suppleness e.g. Pilates/yoga/Tai ChiPm session aimed at aerobic and cardiac e.g. Zumba, Junior Circuits, Kick boxing

  • Reading and Homework sessionsEach child will have a dedicated 1:1 reading slot with a member of the team using either their school reading book or one provided by the parents reading log to be annotated by teacherHomework to be completed by the children with TA support where appropriate and reviewed by the TA any evident educational gaps or issues to be flagged to the childs respective teacher e.g. lack of understanding on how undertake long division

  • Play ground/fresh airReception, Key stage 1 and 2 children to transition to the playground as a group Children are allowed free play time with supervision and supportNote: In case of adverse weather (strong rain) indoor activities may be undertaken

  • Snack timeWater and milk will be provided in the mornings and afternoonsA healthy snack will be provided am and pm:RaisinsDried apricotsRich tea/digestive biscuit/rice cakeCubes of cheddar cheeseHam or chicken

  • WrapAroundCare4UQuestions you may have ?

  • How much will it cost?25 per day or 7 before school and 18 after school What do I get for that:07:45-18:00 careAdditional reading supportHomework completed with teacher supportDaily exercise requirements metHealthy snackStaff and good quality careAbility to use your tax efficient vouchers (worth up to 1k per parent per annum)Working tax credits up to 70% can be paid forWhy does it cost so much?Paying for a teacher and quality care Qualifications, CRB, First AidExercise and educational programmesProfessional approach with fully supported back officeLess than the minimum wage per hour

  • How do I secure a place and pay?All parents will receive an e-mail with a registration form and brochure on 21st May 2013 Registration forms should be e-mailed to butlers@wraparoundcare4u.com and a 100 deposit paid Places will be confirmed within 48 hours of receiptParents get a welcome pack as well as instructions on payment the children get a welcome to your after school care document (pictorial and written)Fees paid termly in advance by internet transfer directly into bank account

  • Some key datesRegistration starts on 21st May 2013 on a first come first served basisConfirmation of space within 48 hours of receipt of the registration form & depositWrapAroundCare4u starts on Thursday 5th September at 07:45Settling in/View WAC4U (meet and greet) on 4th September between:09:30 and 10:30 for reception and key stage 1 children10:45 and 11:45 for key stage 2 children

  • Other Questions you may not have asked yet but would like toWhats in it for WrapAroundCare4u?Why do WAC4U need to make a profit?Why does the school want us to have a before and after school serviceCan Nursery owners really run a before and after school service?Does my child really need an educational programme as well as school?What if my child doesnt want to take part in some of the activities?

  • Questions