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  • 1. Would You Like to
    Your Child Today?
    Presented to you by Kaydee McDonald

2. "The journey of a thousand pounds begins with a single burger."~Chris O'Brien
3. Children should know energy
Before they know lethargy.
4. Children should learn healthy habits
Before they know convenience.
5. Children should know health
Before they know disease.
6. Children should know friendship
Before they learn of animosity.
7. Children should have a healthy smile
Not worry about cavities.
8. The healthier the food the longer youre full.
9. Children should learn that good choices lead to rewards.
10. The Lie
The Truth
Michael Phelps 8x Olympic Gold Medalist Summer Olympics 2008
11. Enemy
en-e-my n.:
Something or someone destructive or injurious in its effects
A person or thing that opposes or acts against someone or something.
12. In the end we are the only ones that can save our children. We must teach them to know the difference between healthy food and junk food.
Make sure to encourage your kids to exercise and play outside.
Dont let your child become a statistic.