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Would like

Would like To express, desire or to make an invitation we can use the verb to want too! (would like is more formal)Want


I want some pizza

I would like some pizza

Do you want to go dancing

? Would you like to go dancing

Does John want more water?Would Maria like more water?

FOR EXAMPLE:Would you like...?In question it is used to make an invitation or to offer something to someone.

OfferWould you like some coffee?Yes, please

I would love

out with youWould you like

out with me tonight?To go

to go Invitation

INFINITIVEWithgerund (-ing)would you like

DO NOT use

we We use

Now lets work on an example

Would you like to study

b. studying Choose the correct form.a.

Here is more: Example Exercise Worksheet Printable Invitation


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