Worlds of Events, Worlds of Structures

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Worlds of Events, Worlds of Structures. Graham Scambler UCL March 2014. Outline. Themes Approaches Challenge of interdisciplinarity Beginnings and endings for science From individuals to the social And on to structures Six sociologies. Themes. Basic human needs Unmet needs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Worlds of Events, Worlds of Structures

Worlds of Events, Worlds of StructuresGraham ScamblerUCLMarch 2014OutlineThemesApproachesChallenge of interdisciplinarityBeginnings and endings for scienceFrom individuals to the socialAnd on to structuresSix sociologies

ThemesBasic human needsUnmet needsNegotiating justiceEnacting justiceOvercoming obstacles

PerspectivesIn relation to the topics of this conference:

DocumentingDescribing and understandingExplainingIntervening

InterdisciplinarityInterdisciplinarity is NOT multidisciplinarity

Have barely scratched the surface in relation to interdisciplinarity

Interdisciplinarity vital for interventionsScienceA multitude of philosophies and methodologies

For emergence, against reductionism

Science about mechanisms

Individuals and SocietyRevisit:

For emergence, against reductionism

Significance of Social StructuresRecent comment by Robin Cohen on the Great British Class Survey. It reduces to three classes:Global superrichLocked-in national middle classPrecariat

Sociologically: new class/command dynamicTypes of SociologyProfessionalScholar PolicyReformerCriticalRadicalPublicDemocratActionActivistForesightVisionaryInterveningSo what do we mean when we say we want to change things?


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