WORLD WAR II: THE HOLOCAUST MARCH 20 & 23, 2015. WORLD WAR II: THE HOLOCAUST Objective: SWBAT understand the issues of genocide and how the world can

Download WORLD WAR II: THE HOLOCAUST MARCH 20 & 23, 2015. WORLD WAR II: THE HOLOCAUST Objective: SWBAT understand the issues of genocide and how the world can

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World War II:

The Holocaust

March 20 & 23, 2015

World War II: The HolocaustObjective:SWBAT understand the issues of genocide and how the world can be deeply affected by it.Purpose:To put into context the issues of systematic genocide of groups of people and how we can hopefully avert it in the future.Standard(s):4.1.11 - Students will describe the causes of World War II; including the legacy of World War I Describe the cultural, economic, political, and technological impact of World War II on the United States.Historical Thinking Skill:Analysis & Synthesis


Warm-up: CNN Student NewsReceive Notebook and write NAME & CLASS PERIOD # on the front (if possible) and back.Write down 5 IMPORTANT facts as you watch the video.1 point = 1 correctly written fact.I need to see at least (a minimum of) 5 facts. - Define the wordgenocide.Are you aware of any racial, ethnic, or cultural groups in the past or in the present against which genocide has been committed?Activating Prior KnowledgeSearch for the definition ofholocaustonline.Can you state a list of synonyms for that word?Synonym: (Awordhavingthesameor nearlythesamemeaningasanotherinthelanguage)

Warm-Up: Quickwrite & Discussion

- Anti-Semitism:Discrimination / hostility / violence directed at Jews.Holocaust:Nazi Germanys systematic murder of European Jews.Concentration Camp:Places where political prisoners are confined, usually under harsh conditions. Forced labor.(Communists, Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, Gypsies, homeless, & criminals).Warsaw Ghetto:Self-contained area surrounded by fences & walls where Jews were kept to starve & die from disease.


Wannsee Conference:Development of the Final Solution. Creation of special camps designed to kill European Jews.Genocide:Deliberate destruction of an entire ethnic or cultural group.Death Camp:Unlike Concentration Camps, these existed primarily for mass murder.War Refugee Board (WRB):FDR plan to bring aid to Holocaust victims in 1944. 200,000 Jews saved in Sweden.Nuremberg Trials:November 1945. International Military Tribunal. Trials established important principle that individuals must be responsible for their actions. - Answer questions on theFour Basic Questions worksheet.


- World War II:Ann FrankClosure: (In Notebook)One thing I learned.One thing I still I want to know.

Announcements: Semester 2 Discipline Plan & ProceduresUse of cellphone / mp3 device:I will grant the use of the cellphone or mp3 device during SPECIFIC segments of the lesson.1. Warm-up: No!2. Activity: Foldables, in-class work: YES!3. Lecture Notes, Video Notes, Picture Analysis & Discussion: No!4. Assessment / Assignment (depends): YES!5. Closure/Exit Slip: No!Failure to comply with rules or directions WILL result in disciplinary actions.Classroom Behavior & Participation Update:I will both REWARD and PUNISH Classroom Behavior & Participation with points.I will REWARD based on participation, raising hand, discussion, answering questions, and good behavior.I will PUNISH based on classroom disruption, insubordination, off-task behavior, not following rules / procedures, etc. will be used this semester as a tool to allow me to remind YOU when assignments may be due, upcoming tests, and other general things of importance to the class and YOUR education.This will be a required assignment.Use of Notebooks:Notebooks will be assigned to each and every student and will be color coded based on classroom period.Notebooks will be retrieved prior to the warm-up and returned after the closure.Notebooks DO NOT need to be taken home. They can stay in the classroom.Late Policy:Late assignments will result in off after the due date.

Post-Lesson Announcements:Extra Credit & Homework1. Receive TWENTY FIVE (25) Extra Credit points if you bring in ONE (1) unopened box of Tissue Paper.Mas 2 per person.Must be Unopened & Unused.

Homework:Poster Projects:

- Recall1. One major cause of WWII that happened in 1919 wasWorld War I2. Another major cause of WWII that happened in 1929 was The Great Depression Whats next? More Causes3. The next big cause of WWII was a result of the first 2 causes.It is known as Fascism _

Activity: WWII - Causes


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