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The eLibrary is designed to meet the needs of the library, academic and research community. Its value lies in the quality and convenience of its publications database. Each article, book, and working paper is enriched with semantic and bibliographic metadata, including topics, regions, countries, abstracts and keywords using a controlled vocabulary. Users save time with Quick and Advanced search options that narrow searches across and within World Bank publications and return highly relevant results across all content types. For more information or to request a free trial contact us at


  • 1.2012The World Bank eLibrary

2. What Is the World Bank?Two unique development institutions: - The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) - The International Development Association (IDA)IBRD aims to reduce poverty in middle-income and creditworthy poorer countriesIDA focuses on the worlds poorest countriesInternational financial institution comprised of 187 member countriesWorld Bank covers its own operating costs 3. What Does the World Bank Do?Offers low or no-interest loans (credits) and grants to low income countriesSponsors development projectsConducts economic research and data collection on developing countries.Non-lending activities such as economic and sector workDisseminates knowledge in order to solve development issues and promoteeconomic growth. 4. The World Bank eLibrary 5. The World Bank eLibrary elibrary.worldbank.orgThe World Banks online collection of 6,000+ World Bank publications :Nearly 2,500 World Bank ebooks some dating from the 1970s plus all newebooks as they are published Access to World Bank Economic Review and World Bank Research ObserverJournals (currently published by OUP) since the 1970s A growing archive of more than 4,200 Policy Research Working PapersAll World Bank flagships and annual publications (WDR, WDI, etc.) 6. Why use eLibrary?Focused on the unique needs of the library, research, and academiccommunities.Most comprehensive and authoritative collection of publications and research oninternational development and issues related to poverty reductionSaves valuable time by offering all formally published World Bank titles in oneconvenient cross-searchable database.Offers useful tools and features for short- and long-term research projectsCurated content used by the worlds top academic, policy, and corporateresearchers, including UN agencies, central banks, and NGOs. 7. Why use eLibrary?Tools for Users:Save and organize your searchesBookmark your Favorites for later sessionsExport your search results and share your Saved SearchesOptions to export references to Endnote and BibTexShare pages, abstracts, and search results through popular social media sitesCustomized new content alerts by email or RSS 8. Why use eLibrary?Tools for Administrators:COUNTER-compliant usage reports (plus SUSHI reports for consortia)Downloadable metadata and MARC records for easier indexing and catalogingAthens and Shibboleth authenticationInstitutional branding on the eLibrary home pageInbound Open URLs 9. eLibrary TopicsAgriculture International Economics & TradeClimate Change & Energy Macroeconomics & Economic GrowthCommunities & Human Settlements Policy, Law & DevelopmentConflict & DevelopmentPoverty ReductionEducation Private Sector DevelopmentEnvironment Public Sector DevelopmentFinance & Financial SectorRural DevelopmentDevelopmentScience & Technology DevelopmentGenderSocial DevelopmentGovernanceSocial Protections & LaborHealth, Nutrition & PopulationTransportationIndustryUrban DevelopmentInformation & Communication Water ResourcesTechnologies Water Supply & SanitationInfrastructure Economics &Finance World Bank 10. eLibrary Home Page Quick Search Browse by Region, To pic orContent Type 11. Browse Books by Series Change Display & Re-sort Results by Date or TitleGoDirectlyto PDFs 12. Abstract Page & Handy Tools for Users EmailBookmark ShareDownloadPDFs 13. Advanced Search Advanced Search searches full text and metadataMultipleSearch& FilterOptionsSearch Tips 14. Search ResultsModify &Search Within Save Export Email New Search Add toFavorites 15. EasyNavigation within thePublication 16. Recent Flagship Titles 17. Popular Titles 18. Personal RegistrationRegister toSave Searchesfor Long-termResearchProjectsBookmarkYour FavoritesReceive RSSFeeds orContent Alertsby Email 19. Personal RegistrationTake Full Advantage of Tools for Researchers 20. Saved Searches & Search History Save Search Resultsfor Later Viewing 21. Saved Searches & Search HistoryCreate Folders & OrganizeSearch History forMultiple Projects 22. FavoritesPrint, Export, Email, Or ganize 23. Customized Content AlertsPrint, Export, Email, Or ganizeCustomize Your Alerts byTopic, Region, orContent Type 24. For Librarians Tab Download MARCRecords & Metadata Monthly 25. Administrator Home PageAccess Tools &Update Account Info.Upload Your InstitutionsLogo to eLibraryHome Page 26. Tools for AdministratorsSelect Type, Year & SubmitSUSHI Usage Reports for Consortia 27. Tools for Administrators Update Your IPs or Set Up UN/PW 28. Subscriptions Institutional subscriptions only Subscription cycle: Jan Dec. or partial year ending December 31 Prices are based on total number of FTE / authorized users andinstitution type (e.g. non-profit, academic, corporate) Subscribe through: The World Bank ( Your preferred subscription agent Library consortia 29. Contact us for a free trialCustomer Service The World Bank Office of the Publisher: onlineresources@worldbank.orgPhone 202-473-8597 Fax 202-522-2631 elibrary.worldbank.orgTHANK YOU!


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