WORKSHOP ON THE LEGAL DIMENSION OF CONTRACT ??2016-01-09WORKSHOP ON THE LEGAL DIMENSION OF CONTRACT FARMING Bangkok (Thailand), ... A tool for reflection on critical issues in contract ... Boon or Bane? -

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Promoting Good Contract Practices between Producers and Buyers in Contract Farming Operations in the Asian Context WORKSHOP ON THE LEGAL DIMENSION OF CONTRACT FARMING Bangkok (Thailand), 26 September 2014 SELECTION OF INFORMATIONAL MATERIAL ON CONTRACT FARMING Selected Web and Bibliographical References (in progress updated 16 September 2014) CONTRACT FARMING IN GENERAL UNIDROIT 2014 Study 80A Doc. 17: Future UNIDROIT / FAO Legal Guide on Contract Farming: Abstract document (February 2014) FAO, Contract Farming Resource Center with access to a wealth of bibliographical references (including legal material) and contract samples FAO, Overview of Smallholder Contract Farming in Developing Countries, 2003 F@rmletter, the monthly e-magazine of the World Farmers' Organisation: September 2013 issue totally focusing on Contract Farming FAO, IIED, IFAD, SDC, Making the most of agricultural investment: A survey of business models that provide opportunities for smallholders, 2010 IFAD, Smallholder Farming in Asia and the Pacific: Challenges and Opportunities, 2011 UNIDO, IFAD, DIIS, Pro-poor Value Chain Development - 25 guiding questions for designing and implementing agroindustry projects, 2011 FAO, Guiding principles for responsible contract farming operations, 2012 ICCO, Sense and Sensibilities in Contract Farming. 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This is the document repository for the google group LaoFAB. LaoFAB is a forum for sharing information about Farmers and AgriBusiness in Laos. 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