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  • Working student UX/UI design or Internship UX/UI design

    We Design for Change

    Join Our Design Team

    We believe that the future is connected. We design smart things that talk to each other and transform our

    homes, transportation, health and safety. We are an entrepreneurial spin-off of Telefonica Deutschland, driving

    innovation in the big data analytics and IoT solutions space.

    We are truly passionate about combining consumer/data insights and digital technology to make our world

    smarter - for the benefit of our partners, their customers and a better life for all of us.

    With we’re are building a leading-edge IoT platform which enables our customers and partners to

    build their IoT propositions meeting consumer insights, faster and more cost efficient.

    With our 5 heads design team you’ll help us on our mission of outstanding digital experiences that change

    people’s lives. We aspire to design simple solutions with complex technology to solve real world problems.

    As a design working student / intern you’ll receive the opportunity to work with our team on a range of user

    experience design projects such as websites, interfaces, journeys and IoT solutions. We will guide you through

    the entire design process: from initial workshops, user research, conception, design and implementation and

    give you lots of creative freedom.

    → Working hours that work for you

    → A mentor to guide and challenge you

    → Individual Skill-Development Plan

    → Fantastic multinational teams

    → Flat structure

    → Working agile against challenging objectives

    — Located at Checkpoint Charlie,

    Charlottenstraße 4 (Rocket Tower)

    W E O F F E R …

    → Great aesthetic and typographic sense

    → Good understanding of communication

    and brand components

    → Knowledge on branding is a plus

    → Knowledge in Design Tools

    (Sketch / Adobe / Invision)

    → Your educational institute’s credentials

    YO U B R I N G …

    → Send your CV + Portfolio to: