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This September we will be organizing a Wonderful Woman Week Plus, in and around an ancient country house near Porto, Portugal (see the slider below). We do this together with YogaforYou, the holistic based yoga and pilates school of our Portuguese friend Tânia Moutinho. During this week you will be working in an extra inspiring environment with both your mind and your body. This will enhance, strengthen and accelerate the result even more. As a 'plus' during the Wonderful Woman Week Plus, in addition to various workshops, you can also take (optional) yoga, pilates and meditation classes. Moreover, during this week there will be opportunities for Thai yoga massage. - See more at: http://ow.ly/mmurD


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2. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlThe Wonderful Woman WeekPlus will take place in andaround an ancientcountry house near Porto 3. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlThe estate has ponds,walking paths, rest areas,a bamboo forestand more 4. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlThe terrain is ideal forcoaching walks 5. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlThe guests stays have12 beds available 6. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlYou could set up camp ina place where you canlook out over the fields 7. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nl(Happy) Yoga & Meditation(5 x 1.25 hrs)Thai Yoga Massage(1 x 1.5 hrs)ProgramPositive (team) coaching(2 x 1.5 hrs)Workshops(4 x 2.5 hrs) 8. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlWorkshopsI am... So much more thana personal brandTop woman?Find your top life!4 workshops,2.5 hrs each 9. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlYour trainers and coachesNathalie Soeteman@NathaliefGustaaf Vocking@GustaafVockingTania Moutinho 10. (c) Gustaaf.Vocking@power2improve.nlWonderful Woman WeekFollow Power2Improve and Yoga4You on FacebookWould you like to join or be kept up-to-date? Subscribe to our newsletter:http://eepurl.com/uwK6T