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educational about water


  • 1. By Carina Cole

2. Things to know about water Properties of water The Living Environment Energy & Motion 3. Properties of water Students can observe the adhesiveand cohesive properties of water. Water is the only substance onEarth that naturally occurs in threedifferent forms. Gas Solid Liquid 4. Water is adhesive Water is attracted to some things. Paper towels Water can move up a paper towel Glass Plastic Water does not stick to some things Grease Prevents ducks from getting wet in water Wax Oil 5. Water is cohesive Water is attracted to itself. Water can stick together. Water droplets are attracted toeach other. Cohesive property causes water toflow without breaking apart. 6. Water is a gas Water as a gas can be called Fog Mist Vapor Steam 7. Water is a liquid Rain is a form of water as a liquid. Water can form into droplets. Water can flow. 8. Water is a solid Water as a solid is known as Ice Snow 9. Question 1 What are theClick here forthree differentanswerforms ofwater?Answer 10. The Living Environment Water makes our planet uniquelyhabitable. All living things need water tosurvive. Plants Animals 11. Plants need water All plants need water to survive. Some plants live in the water. Some plants need a lot of water to survive. Some plants survive on little water for long periods of time. Plants take in water through their root system. 12. Animals need water All animals need water to survive. Some animals live in the water. Some animals need a lot of water to survive. Some animals can survive without water for long periods of time. Animals intake water through drinking. 13. Question 2 What do all Click here forliving thingsanswerneed tosurvive?Answer 14. Energy & Motion The ability to do work is calledenergy. Energy is used to do work. The motion of water can be used todo work, thus creating energy! 15. Harnessing the power of water Waterwheel Hydroelectric Mills 16. Question 3 What are Click here forsome ways toanswerharness thepower of Answerwater? 17. Resources Colley, K. E. (2006). Understanding Ecology Content Knowledge & Acquiring Science Process Skills. Science Activities , 26-33. Dana, R. K. (1997). Contextualized Science For Teaching Science & Technology. Interchange , 121-144. Google Images Search Morgan, K. A. (2008, December). The Wonder of Water. Science and Children , 16-18.