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<ul><li> 1. Instructions</li></ul> <p> 2. One day I asked God for instructions On how to live on this earth... 3. God brought His voice close to my earand said 4. Be like the sun.Arise early, and do not go to bed late. 5. Be like the moon. Shine in the darkness, but submit to thegreater light. 6. Be like the birds.Eat, sing, drink, and fly. 7. Be like the flowers,Loving the sun, but faithful to your roots. 8. Be like the faithful dog, but only to your Lord. 9. Be like the fruit.Beautiful on the outside,and healthy on the inside. 10. Be like the day, which arrives and leaves without boasting. 11. Be like the oasis.Give your water to the thirsty. 12. Be likethe firefly,Although small, it casts its on light. 13. Be like the water,Good and transparent 14. Be like the river,always moving forward 15. And above all things, be like the heavens:A home for God. 16. Teach me to do your will,for you are my God.May your gracious Spiritlead me into the landof uprightness.Psalm 143:10 17. Lord, dont let me remain where I am.Help me reach where You want me to be. 18. Have a beautiful weekand may God keep you always. </p>