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A Power Point Presentation of a selection of quotes or sayings of wisdom for reflection and contemplation as one walks along the spiritual path.


<ul><li> 1. W i s e W o r d s , W s d r o W i s e </li> <li> 2. </li> <li> 3. </li> <li> 4. </li> <li> 5. </li> <li> 6. </li> <li> 7. </li> <li> 8. </li> <li> 9. </li> <li> 10. </li> <li> 11. </li> <li> 12. </li> <li> 13. </li> <li> 14. </li> <li> 15. </li> <li> 16. </li> <li> 17. </li> <li> 18. </li> <li> 19. Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust and hostility to evaporate. Albert Schweitzer </li> <li> 20. The End Right Views, Right Thought, Right Conduct, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration will lead to Peace, Happiness, Wisdom and Liberation With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin </li> </ul>