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Wireless Networking. By Brian Bogue. Change Access Password. Setup Channel, Name & Security. Setup Continued Linksys Router. Set up Router to assign address. Setup Wireless Security. Wireless Security continued. Wireless Receiver In Laptop or Wireless card. Associate with your network. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Wireless NetworkingByBrian Bogue

  • Change Access Password

  • Setup Channel, Name & Security

  • Setup Continued Linksys Router

  • Set up Router to assign address

  • Setup Wireless Security

  • Wireless Security continued

  • Wireless ReceiverIn Laptop or Wireless card

  • Associate with your network

  • Check addresses

  • My Network SetupLinksys Router with a 8 point switch.Network attached storage (NAS). All computers on the network backup data nightly.

  • Access PointLinksys Access Point with power over Ethernet. With a Hawkings external high gain antenna. Located in the attic of our house for maximum coverage.

  • Receiving Antenna