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  • 1. Created by:Miss Shraddha khatwateWhat is the meaning of a win-win situation?Here is a description of what I am speaking of:

2. Definition of win win situationA situation where both parties gain from a transaction or deal, orwhere all possible outcomes are favourable.. Example of a win win situationHiring summer interns from the university continues to be a withstudents gaining valuable real world experience and businessesreceiving the benefit of employees with cutting edge technical skills 3. Nobody has answered this cuz its a crazy question but A win-win is asituation by which cooperation, compromise, or group participation leadsto all participants benefiting. 4. There are no losers (everyone enjoys the accomplished task). All are involved (no-one is left out or sits out). The situation is psychologically working on many levels(communication, supporting each other, having fun in a group ). 5. When youre buying a house, youre looking to get the lowest pricepossible. When youre selling a house, you try to sell it for asmuch as possible. With these conflicting motives, no wonder realestate deals fall through as much as they do. So how can this besolved? By approaching a real estate transaction with a win-winattitude in mind. 6. 1. Compromise and understanding2. Agree to act in both their own interest3. Cooperation must be more4. Least as important as ego and competition. 7. . cont5. Discussing the issue6. Listening to others7. Taking time out8. Explaining ones own perspective and needs9. Compromising 8. Some of the main messages and intentions behind Fightbehaviors are: Im right / youre wrong To blame or punish To threaten Im OK / youre not 9. 1. Simplest, easiest and fairest thing to do.2. It means that when we cant make a bigger pie, at least everyone is sharing what is available.


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