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Wildcat Offense. [How to use: click on “Slide Show” above. Next click on “From Beginning.” Finally use the "page up" and "page down" key on your keyboard.]. Wildcat Offense. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Wildcat Offense[How to use: click on Slide Show above. Next click on From Beginning. Finally use the "page up" and "page down" key on your keyboard.]

  • Wildcat OffenseWe want seven attackers in the offensive end, players who attackits going to take two to stop me. The realitynot all players have that ability or mindset right away.Therefore, we have initiators and reactors.Initiatorscan beat most defenders and have the ability to read a defense. Reactorsgood without the ball, can create space, screen, cut for a pass and shoot.

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatX1s Options: 1st-Crease Roll; 2nd-feed X3 or X4; 3rd-pass to X2

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatX5: Rotate behind, possible skip passX6: Pop out to wingX7: Pop out on top

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatWhat we want to see

  • Wildcat Rightcontinued X1 pop out pass to wing (X2) X2: 1st-looks to go 1v1; 2nd-looks feed X5; 3rd-moves ball on the perimeter X3 and X4 (X5 if not used): screen and roll in 8mX7 and X6: 1st-look to go 1v1; 2nd-look to feed in 8m; 3rd-move ball on the perimeterFinally, we reset and run it again

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatPop Out to Wing X2: 1st-1v1 Attack; 2nd-feed inside; 3rd-skip pass to X5; 4th-pass to pop out X7

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatPop Out to Top X7: 1st: On the catch, she attacks 1v1 if the opportunitys there; 2nd: Pass to pop out on Wing X6

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatPop Out to Wing If X7 passes to Wing-X6X6: 1st-1v1; 2nd-feed inside; 3rd-pass to pop out behind

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatTransition to Left

  • X1X6X4X3X5X2X7Wildcat Left

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6Wildcat Weak

  • Wildcat Weak (Weakside-2 person side)ProgressionX1: 1st -crease roll; 2nd-feed inside; 3rd-pop out

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6WildcatPossibility

  • Wildcat StacksProgressionX3: 1st-crease cut; 2nd-opposite post; 3rd-pop out X2: 1st-crease cut; 2nd-opposite post; 3rd-fill wheel [Wheel backs up all shots]X1: 1st-crease roll; 2nd-pass to pop out; 3rd-fill wheelX4, X5, X6, and X7 (stacks): 1st-allow 1v1s; 2nd run screens*Timing of screens and cuts to free up stick

  • X1X2X4X3X5X7X6SneakStacks (Wildcat Stacks)