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  • 8/14/2019 Wikispace Topics for Kite Runner


    Wikispace Topics forKite Runner

    Groups will be assigned.

    Timeline of Instability: This group will give a general overview of

    Afghanistans government instability over time. The time line should

    include which religious was in charge and how they lost their position.

    Timeline should include any foreign or domestic wars, identify the leaders

    who are greatly revered and point out any signs of corruption. The constant

    warfare in Afghanistan has similarities and differences from what weve

    seen in Africa so since your audience is well versed in African politics, use

    Africa as a comparison point to help you explain why Afghanistan is unique

    in their war filled history.

    Muslim Beginnings: There is very little education about the beginnings of

    the Muslim faith in American public schools today. Teach the class aboutthe very interesting beginnings of Islamic faith which dates back to a very

    familiar Christian story in the Bible. Identify the five pillars of Islamic

    practice, the most important holidays of the year, and how this faith has split

    into major divisions over the course of history.

    Class Separation: In the novel, there is a clear distinction between the two

    classes of people in Afghanistan. Help the class understand the root of these

    differences and how violence has defined the relationship between the two

    for hundreds of years. Identify where the different classes have madeprogress and been pushed back. Make sure that you also include one of the

    most famous atrocities that took place in Mazri Sharf.

    Muslim Misconceptions: No religion has encountered as much scrutiny in

    the first decade of the 21st century like the followers of Islam. Anticipate the

    issues that your class will associate with the Islamic faith and reveal how

    when these issues are studied more closely, one will find many

    misconceptions and hasty generalizations. Remember that culture and

    religion are not the same. There are many Islamic influenced countries in the

    world and cultures and practice will differ greatly.

    Russians in Afghanistan: What were the Russians doing in Afghanistan?

    How did communism find a doorway into this very God fearing country?

    What did the Russians have to gain and why was the United States so

    interested in keeping Russia out? Who did America side with in order to

    make this secret mission possible?

  • 8/14/2019 Wikispace Topics for Kite Runner