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  • FAMILY & EDUCATIOn funeral cover R6000 for the main member & R4000 for the partner.

    telephone tutoring with the after-hours Dial-a-Teacher service.

    teen counselLing helpline with registered nurses.

    R55 000 IN BURSARIES & PRIZES up for grabs in every issue of Ackermans Club.

    club magazine accompanies your statement in the mail.

    30% DISCOUNT ON SUBSCRIPTIONS to YOU, Huisgenoot, Drum, Move, Real and Sarie.

    R5 000 CASH OR A MAKEOVER FOR A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE up for grabs in every issue of Ackermans Club.

    Insured Life Funeral Benefit* Accidental Death Benefit

    Main Insured Person and Partner

    R10 000 R10 000


    Age 14 to 21 R10 000 Not Applicable

    Age 6 to 13 R5 000 Not Applicable

    Age 1 to 5 R2 500 Not Applicable

    Age 0 to 1 /stillborn R1 250 Not Applicable

    WHY THE ackermans club? Join the Ackermans Club for only R14.50 a month, and have peace of mind with benefits like:

    to YOU, Huisgenoot, Drum, Move, Real and Sarie.

    up for grabs in every issue of Ackermans Club.

    finance & tax helpline to answer any financial, tax or banking queries.

    legal helpline standing by to provide advice on criminal offences, fines, contracts and other general legal issues.



    with the after-hours Dial-a-Teacher service.

    Join the Ackermans Club for only R14.50 a month, and have peace of mind with benefits like:

  • Your Income Partner’s Income Gross Monthly Salary - before deductions R R

    Other Monthly Income R R

    Your Expenses Partner’s Expenses Salary Deductions (Tax, Medical Aid, Pension) R R

    Bond/Rent R R Rates/Levy R R Policies (life, household insurance, funeral) R R

    Credit Commitments (vehicle finance, personal loans, store accounts)

    R R

    Other Household Expenses (food, schooling, transport, petrol, cell) R R

    Contact Details of Someone Not Living With You

    Supplementary Card Application

    Mr Mrs Ms First NameTitle


    Contact Number

    I, ____________________________hereby request a Supplementary Card for the person stated below to share my account and credit limit. Once the application has been approved, you will be notified via SMS. The Supplementary Card applicant can then go to any A-Plus store with their ID book and the reference number you will receive in the confirmation SMS to collect and activate their card. The store at which the card is collected will determine which brand of card is issued - choose between Ackermans, Shoe City and Jay Jays!

    Brand Branch Store No.:

    Mr Mrs Ms InitialsTitle


    E-Mail Address

    First Name

    Identity Number

    Cellular Number

    Yes No I’d like to know about exciting offers and promotions from the Ackermans Group stores.

    Signature of Main Cardholder Signature of Supplementary Cardholder

    D D M M Y Y Y Y D D M M Y Y Y Y

    Consent & Acknowledgements

    For Branch Use

    Acceptance of Account

    Account Number

    By signing here I acknowledge that I have taken possession of my Ackermans Card, and have signed the card on the signature panel. I also acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the pre-agreement quote and credit agreement.


    Store No. Application Checked by

    Employee No.

    Ackermans Application Form

    Store Name:

    For administration purposes only:

    Store No.:

    The Ackermans Card is underwritten and managed by Tenacity Financial Services (Reg. No. 2007/003071/07) who is a registered Credit Services Provider (NCRCP 1638). Please complete all sections of the application clearly. Applicants who are under the age of 18 years will not be considered for credit. Please hand your application along with a copy of your ID and latest payslip in at your nearest store or fax it to +27 (0)21 928 1041.

    Yes, I want to join the Ackermans Club

    *Yes, I want to sign up for the Family Protector Plan with a monthly premium of R49.95

    *Terms & conditions apply - see reverse.

    D D M M Y Y Y Y

    D D M M Y Y Y Y

    D D M M Y Y Y Y D D M M Y Y Y Y



    Community of Property




    1. Date of Birth 2. Date of Birth 3. Date of Birth








    Under the age of 18 years



    Date of Birth

    Mr Mrs Ms Initials

    Personal Details Title


    First Name

    Known Name

    Identity/Passport Number


    Number of Dependant Children Please supply the following information related to dependants:


    Marital Status

    Marital Contract

    Own Home Hostel Boarder Rented Accommo- dation

    With Parents

    OtherWhere do you live?

    Postal Address


    Residential Address

    Number of years at present address

    Postal Code

    Postal Code


    Home Tel. Number

    Cellular Number

    E-Mail Address

    English Setswana







    siSwati isiXhosa isiZulu


    Home Language

    if no home number please provide alternative (Code & Number)

    If you have chosen one of the Family Protector Plans, please fill in beneficiary details below.

    Branch Store No.:

    At which store would you like to pick up your new card?

    Mr Mrs Ms First NameTitle


    Contact Number

    Identity Number


    Permanently Employed

    On Contract

    Self Employed

    Casually Employed

    Work Details

    Monthly Income & Expenses

    Banking & Debit Order Details

    Employer/ Company Name



    Employee/ Clock No.:

    Manager’s Number

    Work Number

    Manager/ Supervisor’s Name

    How many store accounts do you hold?

    Are You?

    Dial Code & Number

    Dial Code & Number

    D D M M Y Y Y YD DOn what day are you paid? Years at present employer

    Years at previous employer

    If you are on contract, when does it expire?


    Total Payment Due


    Total Balance Due If Yes - Name of Account Holder

    Bank Name

    How many years have you had your bank account?

    Would you like to pay your account by debit order?

    Select amount to be debited:

    Account Number

    Branch Name Branch Number

    Signature of Account Holder - I hereby authorise my monthly deductions to be debited to this account.

    Type of Account Cheque/ Current Savings

    Debit Order Deduction Date D D

    Spouse’s Details Mr Mrs Ms First NameTitle


    Contact Number

    Black White Coloured Asian Do not wish to answerEthnic Group(information required by the Credit Regulator)

    Sepedi Sesotho isiXhosa isiZulu

    Language Preference for Correspondence only applicable where available


    I want my credit limit to be reviewed, and consent to an annual limit increase. Yes No

    I have made an application to a debt counsellor or applied to be placed under administration in the last 60 days.

    Yes No

    By signing the application I confirm that:

    • I have read, understood and accepted the Ackermans Card Terms and Conditions; • I have received consent from my spouse to enter into this credit agreement if I am married in community of property • Ackermans and Tenacity my conduct a credit enquiry about me, and confirm my details with any credit bureau, credit provider or third party, and provide my details, including the manner in which I conduct my account, to credit risk management services (including credit bureau) and/or crime prevention agencies. • The information that I have provided is complete, correct and true.

    I do not want my personal information to be used, as set out in clause 17.1 of the Terms and conditions.


    I do not want the Pepkor Group companies and its commercial partners to tell me about exciting promotions or opportunities by: E-Mail SMS Phone Post



  • Terms and Conditions of the Ackermans Credit Facility of Tenacity Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

    The credit facility is granted by Tenacity who shall be governed by the following terms and conditions to which you must always adhere, as they constitute a binding agreement between you and Tenacity. 1. What we mean 1.1. ‘agreement’ means, these terms and conditions as well as the pre-agreement quotation which together will constitute a credit agreement in terms of NCA; 1.2. ‘accountholder’ means the person who has applied for and has been granted a credit facility by Tenacity; 1.3. ‘account’ means the credit facility opened in the name of the accountholder; 1.4. ‘credit facility’ means the total amount of credit approved by Tenacity to be utilised by the accountholder for the purchase of goods from any participating branches by utilising the card as a method of payment; 1.5. ‘card’ means the A-Plus plastic card issued to you