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Why having a strategic focus on engagement is important to sustain your social media activities in the long run.


<ul><li> 1. Who to Engage With? Social Business Strategy P6 Framework </li></ul> <p> 2. P6 Framework 3. P6 Framework 4. BabyCenter is worlds the #1 pregnancy and parenting web and mobile destination. It reaches 14 million moms in the United States; and over 32 million moms in 22 markets from Australia to India to China every month. In the United States, seven in ten babies born last year (2012) were BabyCenter babies. P6 Framework 5. Whats the logic? P6 Framework 6. The business connection P6 Framework 7. P&amp;G wants to engage with P6 Framework 8. What does performance in social mean? P6 Framework 9. P6 Framework 10. Social Business is Born P6 Framework 11. Find who you want to engage with P6 Framework 12. Who does want to engage with? P6 Framework 13. small business owners P6 Framework 14. TheNewOpenForum P6 Framework 15. Youtube P6 Framework 16. P6 Framework Presented at CII Workshops at Ernakulam &amp; Trivandrum (July 11-12, 2013) by Sankar, Managing Partner, Younomy Reach: sankar@younomy.com Mobile: +919790276206 www.younomy.com Like: www.facebook.com/younomy Follow: @younomy Newsletter: www.tinyletter.com/younomy </p>