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  • Celebrate North West took place recently at All Hallows Catholic College and that is exactly what happened: we celebrated! From babes-in-arms to great grandparents, 400 of us each day, celebrated our Faith, our Unity in the Body of Christ and just being together, enjoying ourselves. In the troubled and uncertain times in which we live, it was a time of affirmation, renewal and encouragement - and it was great fun! The theme of this year's Celebrate was Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with your God "(Micah 6:8) and this was a great encouragement and confirmation to see that very same verse actually printed onto the wall, in the corridor outside our main conference hall at All Hallows. A great part of the success and the joy of Celebrate North West is the welcome, support and encouragement we receive from All Hallows College: The Principal, Mr Tony Billings, Deputy Principal, Mrs Ann-Marie Connor, Assistant Principal, Mrs Michelle Garvey and School Chaplain, Rev David Harrison all attend the Conference and students from the school do tremendous work, stewarding and helping out generally - and all is done with such good grace and warm smiles- nothing is too much trouble! Although Bishop Mark was not able to attend this year, he did send a message: "I very much welcome Celebrate North West to the Shrewsbury Diocese as an opportunity for families and young people to come together to deepen their faith and prayer in a true atmosphere of celebration" The gospel message was presented through talks, drama, dance, mime, and music. It was particularly inspiring to see so many young people participating in the Liturgy -and thoroughly enjoying themselves and then again, at other times, to witness their silence and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament. One of the great blessings of Celebrate is just that; we gather together to relax and celebrate - our love of God, our faith and our fellowship with one another - as family: the family of God- and to be reminded, if needed, that it isnt boring to be a Christian today -and that nobody is a stranger in God's family; as well as meeting up with old friends, we all made new ones and shared stories, memories - and had lots of fun! In the Celebrate programme, we were invited to reflect on some words of Pope Francis: "I invite all Christians to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ". (Evangelii Gaudium 3) Next year's Celebrate will take place at All Hallows on 22 and 23 April 2017; we are so blessed that the Celebrate weekend for the whole of the north west takes place within our parish; please do make a note of the date and try to attend; you will not regret it! But, book early -the weekend has become so popular that this year's Celebrate was fully booked in advance. Very, many thanks to all our parishioners who helped with accommodating the Celebrate Team (26 in all) and to all who offered to help. This was greatly appreciated and showed, yet again, what a caring and generous parish St Albans is. Thank you! Catherine Mossey, St. Albans RC Parish, Macclesfield


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    Catering students from Year 9 enjoyed a delicious Italian meal at the famous "Fina bar and grill" restaurant in Macclesfield. Students were able to choose from the special lunchtime menu, with firm favourites being Margherita Pizza, Penne Crema, Fusilli Pollo and their chef's special Pasticcio dish. Students were delighted with the speed and efficiency of the service and the modern dcor and electronic methods of communication and ordering systems. The food was delicious as always and certainly was a treat. On their next lesson students will be reflecting on their experience and writing an extended piece on their visit. Students are already asking Mrs Heaton "where are we going next?" To which the reply was uum let me think - how about "Chester's restaurant in Macclesfield for some fine dining" Mrs A Heaton


  • Former student Kieran Truefitt came into College to talk to Year 12 about his charity work. Kieran left All Hallows in 2010 and is now a pilot. In 2012 one of Kierans close friends and another alumni of All Hallows Abe Vincent was diagnosed with primary bone cancer, which disproportionately affects young people aged 10-24. In the subsequent years Kieran and his close group of friends, including Mr Hamlin, raised money to support Abe and the institutions caring for him. Abe sadly passed away in 2015. Following this Abes friends and families committed to raising as much money as they could for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. They have raised in excess of 13,000 to fund further research, awareness and support for those who suffer with bone cancer. Kierans next fundraising initiative is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Kieran has been training in the mountains of North Wales, though still has a way to go as Kilimanjaro is five and half times the height of Snowdon! Kieran has also arranged the sale of blue wrist bands for people to show support, these are available from Alyce King, Alex Hartley, Chloe Williams and Charlotte Tilley in Year 12. We all wish Kieran every success in this endeavour and if you wish to donate you can do at Kierans justgiving page. Mr D Howells



    In April, a day course, led by Sister Judith Russi (SSMN), was attended by Year 7 and Year 8 students from

    the All Hallows Chaplaincy team and students from St Benedicts, St Albans, St Mary's and St Paul's

    Catholic Primary Schools. The course enabled the All Hallows students to develop their roles as members

    of the Chaplaincy team and to meet their counterparts from Primary schools in the Learning Community.

    Mrs Jane Gornell, Headteacher, and Mrs Nicola Nixon of St Benedict's Catholic Primary School currently

    represent the Learning Community as members of the working party to develop a model for Chaplaincy in

    Catholic Schools and Colleges in the Shrewsbury Diocese. Primary Schools in our Learning Community are

    developing GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) teams and are addressing the chaplaincy needs in a

    variety of ways including the involvement of Rev. Harrison and through designated adult leaders


  • of chaplaincy in each Primary School.

    The adult leaders of the GIFT and Chaplaincy Teams have attended a training course at Salford Cathedral,

    led by Sr. Judith and are working collaboratively across schools in the network to further develop practice

    in response to students strengths but also to ensure best practice which adheres to Diocesan guidelines.

    All Hallows students proved once again to be great ambassadors and were an inspiration to other

    students in the Learning Community.

    Rev D Harrison


  • May is the month of Mary - which is dedicated, in a special way, to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. One of the traditional ways we do this as Catholics is by praying the Rosary and, for some years now, members of St Alban's and St Gregory's parishes have been invited into All Hallows College to pray the Rosary with Year 7 and Year 8 students. We go in pairs and simply introduce the rosary to the young people, sharing a little of its background and, sometimes, our experiences of praying it. We pray one of the mysteries of the Rosary together and each young person is given a Rosary and a prayer card to keep. The students then write down their own prayer requests; these are completely confidential and afterwards are collected and taken to St Alban's Church to be placed by the altar during Mass. Each of the groups is slightly different and so we are "led" by the students themselves; some want to tell us their own stories, some ask questions; some are very vocal, others less so - but all are polite

    and well- behaved and it is always a real pleasure to spend time with them and experience being part of the College Community, even for a short time. Catherine Mossey of St. Alban's



  • Our local primary schools came along to All Hallows with their Head Teachers. Whilst the Head Teachers put their heads together the students met with the Faith Council for a creative day based on Values. During the day we focused on the meaning of values. The four key values we looked at were Love, Courage, Respect and Co-operation. We looked at what the Bible says about these and how we ourselves can put them into action. We focused on a series of games where we needed to display each value. Our final activity was to create a values tree made of clay. We wrote our values on a piece of card and how we had put these values into action. We then hung our cards on the tree. Each primary received their own clay tree to take back to primary school to share with their students. To conclude the day we delivered a presentation based on our activities to Mr Billings and Mrs Connor, alongside the heads of the local primary schools. This was a really enjoyable day where we were able to reflect and have fun! Mrs C. Friend.

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