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Our mission is enhance the quality and character of individuals and empower them to influence their communities and environment in a positive manner. White Stag summer camp is a fun week of hiking, backpacking, camping, campfires, outdoor games. yells, cheers, singing, and practicing the skills of leadership. During White Stag leadership camp, you get lots of chances to learn and practice leadership skills in small and large group settings. White Stag offers youth 10-18 a fun, challenging week-long leadership development experience. Ask any teen who has been to camp what they enjoyed most, and they will say, "It's fun." But don't expect to hang out by the pool and spend time at the snack bar. You won't have any free time to speak of. You'll be busy virtually every moment with a variety of challenging leadership activities. And of course there's camping, backpacking, and a lot of team-building activities. We challenge youth to use their skills, teamwork, and strategy to overcome challenges. This builds trust, confidence and self-esteem. Youth gain skills in leadership including planning, communicating, personal interests and abilities, setting achievable goals, time management, negotiating and persuading. White Stag is much more than a camp. It's where future leaders are developed.


  • 1. White Stag Junior Leadership Development

2. White Stag Mission

  • To enhance the quality and character of individuals and empower them to influence their communities and environment in a positive manner.

3. What is White Stag

  • White Stag is a youth-led Junior Leadership Development program that teaches youth specific skills of leadership. We teach a core set of 11 leadership competencies.

4. What makes White Stag special

  • 50+ year history training 20,000+ youth
  • Hands-on learning throughout
  • Anchored in values of Scouting
  • Non-profit, entirely volunteer run
  • Spirit and traditions teach ethics & values
  • Multi-phase, multi-level learning opportunities

5. Brief History

  • Inspired by the 1933 World Jamboree
  • Founded in 1959 by Bela Banathy at Camp Pico Blanco
  • Adopted by national BSA as official Wood Badge and JLT method for 10+ years
  • Became coed in 1975
  • Has served over 20,000 youthsince 1958

6. What to Expect

  • Getting and giving information
  • Group needs and characteristics of
  • Knowing group resources
  • Controlling the group
  • Setting the example
  • Planning
  • Evaluation
  • Sharing leadership
  • Representing the group
  • Counseling
  • Manager of learning

Throughout the week of White Stag, candidates learn specific leadership skills: 7. Three Phases

  • White Stag offers three phases and six developmental levels.
  • Each phase and level is tailored to meet the needs of youth participants at specific ages and maturity levels.
  • Leadership Development is not a one-shot experience.
  • Youth receive repeated exposure to and opportunity to practice the skills of leadership within the program and at home.

8. Phase 1:Patrol Member Development

  • For youth ages 11-12 (or have completed 5th grade)
  • Includes a one-night, 5-mile backpacking trip
  • Participants learn basic camp craft skills
  • Participants learn seven basic patrol member leadership skills
  • Experience how to be a member of a small group
  • Basic instruction in skills of group membership
  • Participants are directly led by youth staff
  • ages are approximate

9. Phase II:Patrol Leader Development

  • For youth ages 12-14
  • Includes a two-night, 10-15 mile backpacking trip
  • Participants learn the skills of a leader of a small group
  • Participants are taught intermediate level in 11 competencies
  • Participants elect small group (patrol) leaders
  • Candidates work on their own with supervision from their youth staff counselors
  • ages are approximate

10. Phase III:Troop Leader Development

  • For youth ages 14-17
  • Includes a three-night, 15-30 mile backpack trip
  • Participants learn leadership of two or more small groups
  • Participants are taught advanced level in 11 competencies
  • Participants elect their small group (patrol) leaders
  • Two participants are chosen by youth staff each day as leader and assistant leader of the entire group
  • Participants are self-lead with youth staff oversight
  • ages are approximate

11. Learning Method

  • White Stag uses the Manager of Learning method.
  • The focus is on the learner, not the teacher.
  • Youth guide other youth to learn through hurdles, or challenges, that stimulate them to think for themselves.
  • Participants continuously apply the skills they have learned to help reinforce what they have learned.
  • Participants apply what they learn at home using Leadership Growth Agreements.

12. Preparation for the Week

  • Staff members spend one weekend a month for 10 months preparing the week of camp. Sessions are reviewed and schedules are revised many times so the week of camp is a success.
  • Our #1 priority is the satisfaction of the candidates and that they learn practical skills of leadership at White Stag.