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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectLaunch Your Own Crowdfunding PlatformCrowdFund Connect is the leading white label crowdfunding &amp; crowdvoting solution for entrepreneurs, universities, nonprofits, businesses and everyone in between.</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectMission: Democratize Access to Capital.Purpose : To translate funder engagement into action through crowdsourcing technology.Why CrowdFund Connect The Problem : Trying to create a space where an organization can foster connections with the community requires a specialized platform that takes significant time and money to develop.</p> <p>The Solution : CrowdFund Connect offers a customizable crowdfunding platform that organizations and institutions can use to power their own branded crowdfunding and/or crowdvoting platforms and make this resource available to their stakeholders.</p> <p>The Benefit : By leveraging crowdfunding, institutions and organizations increase their reach and exposure driving more interest to projects in their community and exposing more people to their brand and mission.Our ServicesCrowdFund Connect</p> <p>Our ServicesCrowdFund Connect</p> <p>Our ServicesCrowdFund Connect</p> <p>Our PortfolioCrowdFund Connect</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectPlatform Overview</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectIntegrated Social Network</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectCompany Funding Pages</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectRegulatory Compliant Software</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectGeneral Website Features</p> <p>CrowdFund ConnectManaged Services</p> <p>CALL 844-478-6874</p> <p>530 Lakeshore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, United StatesEmail: vpitetti@crowdfundconnect.com</p> <p> Visit www.crowdfundconnect.com</p> <p>CrowdFund Connect13</p>


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