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Guide to festival events: Saturday 27th June - Saturday 11th July 2015.


<ul><li><p>WHITCHURCH41 TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>Guide To</p><p>Festival Events:</p><p>Saturday 27th</p><p>June Saturday</p><p>11th July 2015</p></li><li><p>SALES . LETTINGS . MANAGEMENT . MORTGAGES . INSURANCE</p><p>Your local and</p><p>Independent Estate AgentFor</p><p>Tongwynlais &amp; Whitchurch</p><p>Free Valuation I Free EPC and Floor Plan</p><p>No Sale No Fee I No Let No Fee</p><p>02920 811825</p><p>PalmerandGunn.co.uk</p><p>PalmerandGunn.co.uk PalmerandGunn.couk</p><p>FOR SALE FOR SALEPalmer &amp; Gunn Palmer &amp; Gunn</p><p>02920 811 825 02920 811 825</p><p>PALMER &amp; GUNN ESTATE AGENCY2c Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais, Cardiff, CF15 7LF</p></li><li><p>WHITCHURCH &amp; TONGWYNLAIS FESTIVAL 2015Welcome to the first Whitchurch and</p><p>Tongwynlais Festival!</p><p>For the past 36 years there has been a</p><p>summer festival fortnight in Whitchurch,</p><p>chaired by my late grandfather Winston</p><p>Griffiths.</p><p>As we prepared for this year's event we</p><p>decided to join the summer festivals of</p><p>Whitchurch and Tongwynlais together,</p><p>reflecting the closeness of the two villages.</p><p>We are also raising funds this year for Velindre</p><p>to support the incredible work that they do. As</p><p>the Chairman of the Community Centre and</p><p>the Festival I want to pay tribute to all those</p><p>who worked incredibly hard yet again made</p><p>this festival fortnight a success, in particular:</p><p>Fred Bartlett, Sheila Bartlett, Sheila Williams,</p><p>Wayne Brewer, Nicola Callan, Mike Jones-</p><p>Pritchard, Linda Morgan, Keith Moger, Steve</p><p>Finch, Rachael Maguire, Shirley Platt, Julie</p><p>Woods, Tom Champ, and Caroline Lunn</p><p>There are many organisations and individuals throughout Whitchurch and Tongwynlais which support usincluding our churches, businesses, local shops, the schools, our pubs and charities. I am as ever grateful to themfor the community spirit and their sense of fun in being involved in our festival, contributing to events and</p><p>providing sponsorship.</p><p>If you would like to become involved in helping us plan and deliver our festival for next year then please email</p><p>me at: jonathanbmorgan@hotmail.co.uk</p><p>I hope that you join in and enjoy the many activities that have been arranged across the two weeks and in doing</p><p>so celebrate what both Whitchurch and Tongwynlais have to offer</p><p>Jonathan Morgan</p><p>CHAIRMAN</p><p>ROGER WALTERS interiorsSuperb Range Of Quality Blinds, Awnings, Shutters, Soft Furnishings,Carpets, Flooring, Decorating Supplies, Furniture &amp; Gifts</p><p>FREE </p><p>o carpetS&amp;flOOrirv</p><p>TEL: 029 Shutters &amp;2061 3510</p><p>SO C' 00</p><p> FREE FREE FREE</p></li><li><p>GRAND ROTARY &amp; TRADERS FESTIVAL DRAW</p><p>1st Prize - 2 night Super Break</p><p>(in conjunction with Blue Skies Travel)</p><p>2nd Prize - Hybrid Cycle(in conjunction with Damian Harris Cycles)</p><p>3rd Prize - Flat Screen</p><p>Plus runner up prizes donated by local traders &amp;businesses</p><p>T..tCWYPOS</p><p>Tickets on sale from early June and throughout the Festival from local traders, restaurants and pubsthroughout Whitchurch and Tongwynlals or from Rotary Club members.</p><p>Draw to be made on Whitchurch Common on Saturday July 11 th (winners will</p><p>be notified)</p><p>Supporting Cancer Research Wales at Velindre Hospital and Rotary Charities</p><p>The Rotary Club of Cardiff is pleased to be involved with the Whitchurch &amp; Fesvalagain this yez</p><p>We are your local Rotary Club, rMeting every Wednesday morning at Whitchurch Golf Club.You are most welcome to come and loin us.</p><p>With thanks to the following AQUA PETS w H ITC H U R c Hwho are Festival Sponsors; Pet Food &amp; Accessories</p><p>Mr. Stewart Greenberg, Party GoaOptician, Whitchurch, and Hardware </p><p>Greetings &amp; Household</p><p>Cards</p><p>Mr. James Davies, DentalFree Local Deltvery</p><p>020 691070 / 530252Surgeon, Tongwynlais</p><p>07809326641 A COMPLETE BUILDINC SERVICE</p><p>RANS DRAWN.</p><p>CARAGtS. K*04tS.</p><p>torts.</p><p>C. D. JAMESAC-LUS</p><p>General Building ard D6iV1</p><p>OUTN. WHITCHURCH, CAROtrr, 'Qf</p><p>BUtOtRS roa DtSCtRNNG</p></li><li><p>CASTELLCOCH</p><p>CHORALSOCIETY</p><p>Supporting Charities</p><p>Musical Director: Linda Morgan 2001 3857 Accompanist: Shirley Platts"GETTING TO KNOWCastell Coch Choral Society was formed in 1978 andduring the past twenty two years, under the guidance ofthe director of Music, Mrs Linda Morgan, the Society hasraised many thousands of pounds for charity, mainly (butnot exclusively) for medical support and research. Thechoir is a mixed choir of approximately seventy voices,who sing for pleasure to raise money for worthwhilecharitable organisations.</p><p>We meet at St Michael's Church Hall, Tongwynlais, onThursday evenings at 7.30pm and anyone interested inioining us will be made very welcome. Each year weselect two charities to support and we aim to include one</p><p>JO REDMAN'S SCHOOL OFPERFORMING ARTS &amp; WELSHCHEERLEADING ACADEMY</p><p>Jo Redman's School of Performing Artsand Welsh Cheerleading Academy will be</p><p>providing entertainment at the Fete on I IthJuly. Jo's cheerleaders have been sweepingall before them and currently holdELEVEN championship titles at British,European and U.S. levels, since theybecame U.S. Open Champions last year.</p><p>The Performing Arts School has also</p><p>performed two</p><p>Successful shows in St. David's Hall.Prepare to be amazed!</p><p>For further information and details ofclasses in Cardiff and Pontypridd.</p><p>Tel: (029) 2052 0520.</p><p>which is primarily for children. Every penny we collecgoes directly to the charities concerned as any expensiincurred ie: music, travelling, etc, is paid for by the choimembers themselves.</p><p>We are always willing to entertain and have a varietrepertoire ie: Bizet, Handel, Lloyd-Webber, Rutter, t'name but a few.</p><p>"What is life without music?"</p><p>Interested? Ring !!Linda Morgan: 2081 3857Rachel Kipling: 07796 991537Mike Jones-Pritchard: 20520800</p><p>PLHY</p><p>L9FT</p><p>Monday - Friday: 9am until 6pmThurs &amp; Fri open until 7pm</p><p>Saturday 9am - 5pmSunday IOam - 4pm</p><p>Bishops Road, Whitchurch Cardiff</p><p>Tel 029 21 321 730www.playloft.co.uk</p></li><li><p>Saturday 27th June</p><p>11 am</p><p>The Dog Show /</p><p>Tongwynlais Village Hall</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;</p><p>TONGWYNLAISThe Vintage</p><p>afternoon tea / MissJones in Whitchurch</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>we are looking for friendly people to visit our older clients in theirown homes. Your warmth and</p><p>Lookina forrewarding</p><p>work?Reasons best employer </p><p>why Home in the </p><p>Instead care sector</p><p>is the</p><p> Award winning trainingcompassion is more important to us Career development opportunitiesthan professional care experience, You will work with the same regular</p><p>as we provide excellent training clients satisfactioneach week, promoting a sense</p><p>and support. Our of job </p><p>caregivers do not do short calls Please contact us now to learn about the average call is an hour in duration,</p><p>this rewarding opportunity. so they do not have to rush their clients</p><p> HomeInstead</p><p> Friendly supportive team</p><p>INVESTORS Call for a friendly chat:Gold 02920 569483IN PEOPLEwww.homeinstead.co.uk/cardiff</p><p>[ne 51/"tnterloveSlimming World</p><p>Monday</p><p>Morganstown Village Hall</p><p>7.30pm</p><p>Consultant Ceri 07929958712</p><p>TuesdayNantgarw/Taffswell</p><p>Coleg-y-cymoedd</p><p>Nant Restaurant</p><p>5pm &amp; 7pm</p><p>Consultant Emma -07742260113</p><p>WednesdayWhitchurch Community centre</p><p>3pm, 5pm, &amp; 7pm</p><p>Consultant Nat - 07736740585</p><p>a varn r</p><p>ThursdayWhitchurch Community centre10am &amp; 12pmConsultant Nat - 07736740585</p><p>FridayMorganstown Village Hall</p><p>9.30am</p><p>Consultant Ceri - 07929958712</p><p>slimmingworld.comSw/6in08448978000 yarn xrarg</p></li><li><p>28th June</p><p>Sunday</p><p>Tongwynlais Fun</p><p>Day organized by</p><p>"l love Ton" - look</p><p>out for local</p><p>posters forfurther details</p><p>5:30pm6:30m</p><p>Service / St Michael's</p><p>Church in</p><p>Tongwynlais</p><p>11:3010:30 -</p><p>Celebration of the Festivalat St Mary's church</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDITONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>An Typesfactors</p><p>Ctutches Fittws Parts &amp; </p><p>AS Ltd.Cox-h House</p><p>4 t Ctvxch</p><p> Borg</p><p>Off With This Leaflet</p><p>Opening HoursMonday - Friday 08.00 - 17.30</p><p>Saturday - 08.00 15.00 Sunday. 10.30 - 13.00T: 029 2062</p><p>W:</p><p>E:</p><p>M HOLLOWAYThe Village Watchmaker</p><p>and Jeweller</p><p> Hi'S Cto</p><p> C SOIl) Rcq-;lrce</p><p>COLD WANTED ANY CONDITION</p><p>64 Merthyr Road,Whitchurch, Cardiff,</p><p>CF14 IDJ</p><p>02' 2062 ast2</p></li><li><p>June</p><p>Monday</p><p>Senior Citizens Afternoon</p><p>teaSt Michael's Church in</p><p>Tongwynlais 5pmAll are welcome but pleasebook your place with LindaMorgan Tel 07881 606413</p><p>Festival Quiz / The Plough- 8:00pm</p><p>Primary School Concert, with performances</p><p>from Tongwynlais Primary, Whitchurch Primary,</p><p>Coryton Primary and Ysgol Melin Gruffydd </p><p>6:30pm / Bethel Baptist Church</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;-1 TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>I EGLWYS NEWYDDTONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>oo o</p><p>o</p><p>'-GWYL YREGLWYS NEWYDD</p><p>A TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>P.R. JEWELLERYGoldsmithRepair SpecialistExtensive range ofQuality Gold and SilverJewellery at Genuine PricesScrap Gold and Silver WantedCash or Cheque Payment61 Merthyr Road,Whitchurch, CardiffCF14 IDD</p><p>(Next to Lazarou Hairdressers)</p><p>Telephone: 029 2061 6694</p><p>PAUL TAYLORPROPRIETOR</p><p>WWW.CENTRALGARAGEO 1@YAHOO.CO.UK</p><p>ST DAVIDS ROADWHtTCHURCH</p><p>IDS02920 62361 s</p><p>CENTRAL GRAG(WHITCHURCH)</p><p>CENTRAL GARAGE(WHITCHURCH)</p><p>SERVICING, M.a.rs,BRAKES, TYRES, CLUTCHES,TIMING BELTS, EXHAUSTS,DIAGNOSTICS &amp; GENERALREPAIRS FOR ALL MAKES &amp;MODELS.</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;</p><p>-1 TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>30th June</p><p>Tuesday6:30pm</p><p>Family Treasure Hunt -</p><p>Whitchurch Library</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>Festival Quiz Lewis</p><p>Arms / Tongwynlais</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>Suqae &amp;COFFEE - DELI</p><p>Freshly made Bagucttcs,Panini's and cakes.</p><p>Open evcryday9am 4pm</p><p>Merthyr Road</p><p>TongwynlaisCardiff</p><p>CF15 7LF</p><p>oss9Boot</p><p>Llyfrau Cymraeg, Tapiau, Fidios</p><p>Cd's a Cardiau</p><p>Uned 3, T9 Codas, 54-60 HeolYr Eglwys Newydd, Crdydd</p><p>Rhif ffn/Ffacs: (029) 2069 2999</p><p>TffTIDOC CROORS</p><p>9 Of10</p><p>Hermon Hill, Tongwynlais, CF15 7LZ 029 20814020</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;</p><p>TONGWYNLAISExciting. interactive &amp; fun'New cbsses cornirg to -'5</p><p>Rhi.abba &amp; Whitch-rch</p><p>Children's Shoe Shop</p><p>&amp; fittrd lovely little</p><p>Baby Bcaps Happy Housa</p><p>321510 a.asses</p><p>Ttmctabte</p><p>'Manna's Baguettes WHrtCHURCHBranda: 'W9, 'WTtiE.arch</p><p>Opac to -4F</p><p>'Es anda CntutAka.a</p><p>Tec (029) 2061 8355or 07815 677029</p><p>corn</p></li><li><p>JulyWednesday</p><p>9:00pm6:00pm </p><p>Sunset Fayre - Tongwynlais on</p><p>Merthyr Road</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;</p><p>TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>Whitchurch Rugby Sports &amp; Social Club</p><p>Samuels Crescent, Whitchurch CF14 2TH</p><p>"The Club for All Seasons"</p><p>All Welcome</p><p>Function room hire seating up to 150 people</p><p>Individual tailor made packages available for Wedding Receptions</p><p>Conference Packages &amp; Hospitality Packages</p><p>Sports &amp; Hobbies</p><p>Rugby</p><p>Mini Rugby</p><p> Football Male &amp; Female</p><p>Hockey</p><p> Male &amp; Female</p><p>Skittles</p><p> Pool Chess Zumba Choir</p><p>Selected sport events</p><p>Shown on the</p><p>Biggest screen</p><p>in Whitchurch</p><p>Social Events</p><p>Bingo</p><p>Quiz Night</p><p>Open Mic Night</p><p> Live Music</p><p> HarmonicaClasses</p><p> PoolSky Sports</p><p>ESPN/FI</p><p>BT Sport</p><p>Free WI-FI</p><p>New sports hospitality suite available for hire.</p><p>Food served Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm</p><p>Sat 12pm-9pm &amp; Sun 12pm-9pm</p><p>Sunday Lunch 12pm-4pm</p><p>Visit our Website for more information www.whitchurchrssc.co.uk or call our</p><p>management team on 029 20612 477</p><p>Join us on Facebook &amp; Follow us on Twitter-WhitchurchRSSC</p></li><li><p>nd JulyThursday </p><p>2</p><p>3:45pm</p><p>Teddy Bear Picnic Ainon</p><p>Church in Tongwynlais</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>Concert </p><p>Tongywnlais Village</p><p>Hall with the Castell</p><p>Coch Choral Society</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>JULIE MORGAN AC / AM LlafurLabourAelod Cynulliad dros Ogledd CaerdyddAssembly Member for Cardiff North</p><p>POB LWc I WYL YR EGLWYSNEWYDD ODDI WRTH EICHAELO CYNULLIA LLEOL!</p><p>GOOD LUCK TO THE WHITCHURCHFESTIVAL FROM YOUR LOCAL</p><p>ASSEMBLY MEMBER!</p><p>Julie holds regular advice surgeries at her office in</p><p>Whitchurch as well as in Llanishen. Please get in</p><p>touch if you need any help or support:</p><p>029 20614577Julie.morgan@cymru.gov.uk</p><p>Issues that Julie can help you with:</p><p>- Training &amp; Skills</p><p>- Health, Social Services &amp; Children</p><p>- Local Government, Transport &amp;</p><p>Communities17 Plasnewydd, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 INR - Housing &amp; Regeneration</p><p>julie.morgan@assembly.wales - Economic Development</p><p>- Heritage, Tourism &amp; Culture</p></li><li><p>rd</p><p>Friday5pm</p><p>5 a side football</p><p>Tournament Whitchurch</p><p>Hospital Grounds</p><p>epm</p><p>WHITCHURCH8TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>The 'Dandos' </p><p>Tongwynlais Village</p><p>Hall</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>CRAIG WILLIAMS MPMEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR CARDIFF NORTH</p><p>Loo(41n omard to another</p><p>successful Mhltchurch Festival</p><p>in 2015, Just stop me (f you'd</p><p>like a chat(</p><p>Contact CraigQ FREEPOST WELSH CONSERVATIVS</p><p>029 2073 3225</p><p>craig@craigwilliams.wales</p><p>www.craigwilliams.wales</p><p>@Craig4CardifN</p></li><li><p>4th JulySaturday</p><p>4pm</p><p>Sports day at WhitchurchCommon</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>The Great Whitchurch</p><p>and Tongwynlaisbake-off at Sweet</p><p>Caf in Whitchurch r</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>TONGWYNLAIS'H</p><p>VILLAGE HALLMERTHYR ROAD,TONGWYNLAIS.</p><p>Ideal for</p><p>Concerts seating up to 200Wedding Receptions, 50 - ' 125</p><p>Dances seating up to 175Small parties with ample spaceExcellent dance floor, Kitchen</p><p>For details ring Shirley Platts on (029) 2081 4349</p><p>The Hall for all reasons</p><p>Zaroll</p><p>Brothers Hair GroupLadies Hairstylists &amp; Barbers</p><p>George LaZarou has not retired!</p><p>Triniwr Gwallt Merched</p><p>FREE consultation on every visit.Creative &amp; Technical Expertise</p><p>acagae</p><p>WHITCHURCHBARBERS</p><p>67 Merthyr Rd Whitehurch</p><p>Card,ffCF14 100</p><p>029 20522938</p><p>WMchurchbarbers@outSook com WtUtchurth</p><p>elq)hone: 029 2061 5737 or 029 2052 9764</p><p>OPENMonday - Thursday 9 - 6</p><p>Friday 9-7Saturday 8.30 - 5.30</p><p>59 Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff</p></li><li><p>th July4Saturday</p><p>7pm</p><p>Whitchurch Village Street Party</p><p>- its on Merthyr Road come</p><p>along to the first Festival Street</p><p>Party thanks to our businesses in</p><p>Whitchurch village</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;</p><p>TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDTONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>NOBLESMUSIC</p><p>ESt 1962</p><p>TCI: (029) 2061 3867</p><p>Guitars, Basses. P.A. Keyboards,Lightng. Percussion, Recording, Woodwind,</p><p>Boob. Tutors, Installation and Design,Accessories. Sales and Service.</p><p>Most credit carts accepted</p><p>www.noblesmusic.co.uk</p><p>or email:noblesmusic@hotmail.com</p><p>Coopers</p><p>CAFE</p><p>Tphom: Cardff 2062 3004 / 2061 6016</p><p>DUGDALE'S GARAGEEngheer) Ltd.</p><p>The Garage, MerthyrWE SERVICE AND REPAIR Al I TYPES OF</p><p>BRITISH AND FOREIGN VEHICLESINSURANCE, ACCIDENT REPAIRS</p><p>FREE QUOTATIONS -1MOT. TESTING</p><p>Customer courier Service to home or officeGuaraned</p><p>HQHairdressing &amp; Grooming for Men</p><p>Relax and indulge yourself to our quality</p><p>Enjoy good food to eatin or takeaway</p><p>Open Mon. - Fri. 8.00am - 3.00pm</p><p>Sat. 8.00am - 12.30pm</p><p>Merthyr Rd - Opposite Iceland</p><p>Terns Cutting</p><p>Crew</p><p>Ladies Salon</p><p>PHONE 029 208300CF14 'OJ</p><p>Hairstyling, Hot Towel Shave,Body Waxing or Spray Tanning</p><p>We look forward to seeing you soon.</p><p>48 Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff</p><p>Tel: 029 20521201 www.hqhair4men.com</p><p>Your Local Architect</p><p>Planning</p><p>Design</p><p>Site</p><p>Residential</p><p>O CommercialFree Consultation)EST 1934</p><p>Terrys Cutting Crew Call029 20520800</p><p>email</p><p>design@atrchitecture.co.uk62 Merthyr Rd Whitchurch CF14 IDJ</p><p>PHONE 029 20628380 www.atrchitecture.co.uk</p></li><li><p>5th JulySunday</p><p>12 Noon</p><p>Family Fun Run Cardiff</p><p>HSOB/Cardiff Harlequins Cricket</p><p>Ground, Forest Farm</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDTONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>WHITCHURCH Mor</p><p>SERVICE CENTREMOT testing on all cars and light vans.</p><p>All makes and models serviced andmaintained, regardless of age.</p><p>Brakes, Clutches, Welding,Water Pumps, Timing Belts,</p><p>Exhausts, Suspension Faults etc.No job too small</p><p>19a Norman Road,Whitchurch, Cardiff</p><p>(At Whitchurch common, turn right opposite theThree Elms pub then first left into Norman Road)</p><p>Tel: (029) 2062 1312</p></li><li><p>Monday</p><p>10:45an1</p><p>Story Time Whitchurch Library</p><p>WHITCHURCH&amp;TONGWYNLAIS</p><p>EGLWYS NEWYDDA TONGWYNLAIS</p></li><li><p>Damian Haaris Cycles55b Merthyr Road, Whitchurch Village</p><p>Cardiff CF14 IDD</p><p>Tel: 029 2052 9955Electric Bike Centre</p><p>Quality cycles for the family - from Beginnerto Professional</p><p>DISCOUNT AVAILABLEON PRODUCTION OF THIS ADVERT</p><p>Extensive range of components and accessonesincluding Mountain, Road. Kds. Hyb...</p></li></ul>