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USI: New direct bus connection to Lugano train station 80 likes 6 comments

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We looked at the official Facebook pages of all participants of the program "Swiss Academia and the Social media Landscape" to find out which posts created the most interest among their community in July 2012.


  • 1. USI: New direct busconnection to Luganotrain station80 likes6 comments

2. EHL: 5000 likes reached72 likes1 comment 3. EPFL: Partnering with Coursera to offeronline classes43 likes2 shares 4. UNILI: Stamps withuniversity campus(includes question)30 likes1 share 5. HSG: Whose faultis the euro crisis?9 likes7 comments15 shares 6. UNIBAS:Archaeologystudents work onKaiseraugst dig22 likes 7. DODIS: A bag travels to Moscow tomeet Lenin and Stalin doubles [picture]14 likes4 comments 8. UNIBE:Announcing"Orange Cinema"on campus, freetickets14 likes1 comment2 shares 9. HWZ: ExecutiveMBA diplomas9 likes8 comments 10. HSLU: 30 year oldtradition forgraduates16 likes 11. ZHAW: Campusbuilding in color[picture]14 likes 12. ZBUZH: Rousseaugoes online8 likes2 comments2 shares 13. UNINE: Signing aconvention withWikipedia11 likes 14. UNIGE: TVinterview withdirector oftechnologytransfer9 likes2 shares 15. HESSO: ThankingPalo festivalcontributors10 likes1 share 16. UZH: Interviewwith assistant forpopular cultures10 likes 17. FHNW:Announcing newproject aboutsocial mediaduring studies6 likes2 comments2 shares 18. ZHDK: Vernissage[picture]7 likes1 comment1 share 19. UNILU: Newgraduates9 likes 20. UNIFR: Campus in1941 [picture]8 likes1 comment 21. PHZH: Moving to the new campus[pictures]8 likes1 comment 22. FFHS: Interviewwith institutionspresident5 likes1 comment2 shares 23. WSL: Interview with institutions vicepresident1 like1 comment 24. BFH: Student startup2 likes