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<ul><li> 1. WHERE IM FROM Christa Umphrey </li></ul> <p> 2. I am from bedtime stories and nightlyfamily dinners 3. from wood-paneled walls and green shag carpet 4. from Farina and Reservation politics 5. from cheap bear aroundFriday night campfires 6. and after-church,roast beef dinnerson Sunday afternoons 7. I am from the thrill of unexpected snow days 8. and canoe rides under full moons. 9. I am from bare feetin fresh-cut grass 10. and Dads gardensall around. 11. I am from longafternoons spent floating irrigationcanalson stolen inner tubes. 12. from spontaneous and expected family gatherings, 13. from Thanksgiving weekendChristmas tree-gathering trips and Moms homemade cinnamon rolls afterward. 14. Im from stubborn independenceand laughing too loud. 15. Im from Snyelmnthis valley surrounded by mountains 16. Im fromdescendants of Mormon pioneerswho choose to come West 17. and the Salish who were forced here fromthe south 18. Im from dirt roads and potholesand toomany wakes. 19. Im fromsummers inteepeesand oldtrucksthat run just wellenough to drive teen independence 20. Im from frozen pipes in February and dreams of air conditioningin August. 21. Im from making due... and dreaming of more 22. from grandfathers who made their livings among trees and horses 23. from women who were alwaysmothers first but never solely. 24. I am from... 25. I am From... 26. those grandmothers quilts,my grandfathers logging truck, and the woods where he spent his days. 27. I am from!!!! 28. overstuffed bookshelvesdoingtoo much 29. and the calm ! ! ! ! ! !!!!! ! ! ! ! productivity ! ! ! ! ! ! of midnight hours... </p>