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A man in his thirties is on the run with a young girl. As they take a ferry to the UK, traces of a common past come to light - a past filled with loss and sorrow.


  • Im an otherIm the same

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    M I N D S M E E T P R E S E N T S

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  • ABOUT THE DIRECTOR After studying fi lm at the Escuela Cinematogrfi ca de Barcelona and some time at the Institut des Arts et de Diffusion (IAD) in Louvain-la-Neuve, Caroline Strubbe got noticed locally as well as internationally with her shorts Melanomen (1992) and Taxi Dancer (1996). She wrote several scripts, worked for national television where she directed a series, and made commercials. Her feature fi lm debut Lost Persons Area was selected for Cannes International Critics Week in 2009 where it took the SACD Prize for screenwriting. Im the same Im an other, Strubbes second feature, picks up where Lost Persons Area ended. Its the second part in the Lost Persons trilogy.

    ABOUT THE PRODUCERTomas Leyers co-founded the Brussels-based production company Minds Meet with Caroline Strubbe. He started his EAVE workshops in 2006 and was a Producer on the Move in Cannes 2007. In 2008 he produced Strubbes fi rst feature Lost Persons Area (Cannes, Intl Critics Week 2009) and the short Kan (Berlinale Shorts 2009) by Kristof Hoornaert. They also co-produced fi lms like The Day God Walked Away (Toronto 2009), La cantante de tango (Locarno 2009) and Tango Libre (Venice, Orizzonti 2012). Later Tomas picked up Little Baby Jesus of Flandr (Cannes, Directors Fortnight 2010) by Gust Van den Berghe whose Blue Bird he produced in 2011 (Directors Fortnight 2011). He also did the production on Tom Heenes feature debut Welcome Home (Venice Critics Week, Montreal World Film Festival 2012). Recent and upcoming productions of Minds Meet include Liesbeth De Ceulaers documentary Behind The Redwood Curtain, Daniel Lambos local comedy Los Flamencos and Bas Devos debut feature Violet.


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  • A man in his thirties is on the run with a young girl. As they take a ferry to the UK, a common past reveals. A past fi lled with loss and sorrow. Fleeing in veil, they end up hiding in a small apartment on the seaside, where they live their day-to-day life, exploring each others emotional territories. Mourning and grief will bind them, but is this alliance of dependence appropriate for themselves and the outside world?

    Im an otherIm the same

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    Flanders Image, Bischoffsheimlaan 38 - B-1000 Brussels - BelgiumT +32 2 226 06 30 - F +32 2 219 19 36 - E flandersimage@vaf.beFlanders Image is a division of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

    CREDITSOriginal title: Im the same Im an other

    Director: Caroline StrubbeOriginal screenplay: Caroline StrubbeCast: Kimke Desart, Zoltan Miklos Hajdu

    Photography: David WilliamsonEditing: David Verdurme

    Sound on set: Matthias HillegeerSound: Senjan JansenMusic: Albert Markos

    Costumes: Catherine Van BreeMake-up: Pur Thijs

    FORMATOriginal version: English, Dutch, Hungarian

    Running time: 112Format: DCP - Scope - Dolby SRD - Colour

    Year: 2013Country: Belgium, Netherlands

    PRODUCTIONProduction company: Minds MeetFlemish producer: Tomas LeyersCo-producers: Artemis Productions, De ProductieSupported by: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), NFF, CCA, VOO, MEDIA ProgrammeIn co-operation with: De Nationale Loterij


    Minds MeetTomas LeyersHavenlaan 108-110B-1000 BrusselsBelgium/EUT +32 2 266 66 66mindsmeet@mindsmeet.be


    WWW . F L A N D E R S I M A G E . C OMWWW . F L A N D E R S I M A G E . C OM


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