where are (web) designers going with web fonts?

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Presented during TypeCon 2011: Surge in New Orleans by Scott Boms (Butter Label/LL&S), Luke Dorny (Newsvine/Butter Label/LL&S) nad Brian Warren (Happy Cog/Butter Label/LL&S).



2. WHO ARETHESE GUYS? 3. BRIANWARRENHAPPY COG/BUTTER LABEL 4. LUKEDORNYNEWSVINE/BUTTER LABEL 5. SCOTTBOMSLL&S/BUTTER LABEL 6. THE PAST 7. 500+YEARS OF PRINT 8. A BRIEF HISTORY OF TYPE ON THE WEB 15YEARS of CSS TYPE 10 YEARS of HACKS2YEARS of WEB FONTS 9. We look at the present through a rear-view mirror.We march backwards into the future. MARSHALL McLUHAN This photograph is copyright Henri Dauman/The Estate of Marshall McLuhan and may not be used without permission. 10. SURVEY The complete results are available at http://bit.ly/wfsr2011 11. A BIT ABOUT THE SURVEY 12. A BIT ABOUT THE SURVEY13QUESTIONS 5 DAYS 235 RESPONSES 13. 94%6% of web designers are94% using web fontsYES NO 14. HOW DESIGNERS ARE CHOOSING TYPE Optimized for Small Sizes Fallback Font AvailabilityRange of Weights and StylesNumber of GlyphsLanguage Support Availability of Special CharactersPairings from Same Web Font Service Appropriateness for the Project0 50 100 150 200 15. 9% 91% want better quality web fonts rather than just91% more of themQUALITY QUANTITY 16. 34%66% prefer hosted web font 66% services such as Typekit, FontDeck, WebType, etc.HOSTED SELF-HOSTED 17. 47% 37% 84% sometimes or always talk to clients about 16% using web fontsYES NO SOMETIMES 18. WHERE WEREGOING 19. Web designers simply want the samecontrol print has enjoyed for decades 20. BY EXAMPLE 21. SAGINAW by ?BASKERVILLE by Monotype 22. MOD REGULAR by Font FabricHERO LIGHT by Svetoslav Simov 23. BREE by TypeTogetherSkolar by TypeTogether 24. LIQUORSTORE by Chank Co. 25. COQUETTE by Mark Simonson 26. HELLENIC WIDE by VeerPROXIMA NOVA by Mark Simonson 27. 01. RENDERING 28. PLATFORMS & VIEWPORTS 29. 02. LITTLE DETAILS 30. Were rediscovering typography. JON TAN 31. 03. IDENTIFICATION & PAIRING 32. 04. WORKFLOW & INTEGRATION 33. SURVEY QUESTION: What would be most helpful to you as adesigner to make web fonts better? 34. ACTUAL ANSWER: Itd be really great to have some way todesign in Photoshop/Illustrator with afont I have a web license for. 35. Original concept by Elliot Jay Stocks 36. 05. POLYFILLS 37. Polyfills close the gaps created bybrowsers that support more advancedfeatures of the HTML and CSS specs 38. 06. BEYOND THE BROWSER 39. The future of the web is thefuture of typography. N ICK S HE RMA N 40. THANK YOU@scottboms @mrwarren @luxuryluke