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<ul><li> 1. Article 1 <br />What You Need To Know About Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney<br />If you live in Atlanta Georgia, then you probably have heard about the term wrongful death which results to the death of a person by reason of negligent or reckless acts which resulted in the death of an individual and which are committed by another person. You must understand that in Georgia, filing the said suit is an attempt of the aggrieved in order to recover monetary damages from the party which is responsible for the death another. Your chosen Atlanta wrongful death attorney would then be the one who will be representing the aggrieved party with the filing of the said case in court. The compensation of the said lawyer would often be for a percentage of whatever money is awarded to the aggrieved party.<br />The said act of filing a case simply means that a persons family can sue for the unjustly death or unexpected death of their loves ones by reason of negligence or some other reckless acts that resulted to such death. You must also consider one important thing when filing the said case and that is regarding who can hire the said wrongful death attorney. In Georgia, you must understand that only the spouse of the deceased has the right to file the said case. In case the deceased do not have a spouse, then the children of the deceased may file the said case even if the kid is born out of wedlock if the deceased does not have a wife, then such illegitimate kid can still file for the said case.<br />Another thing that you might be interested in terms of hiring the services of the said lawyer is the cost. The usual rate of the Atlanta attorney that will deal of the wrongful death case is a percentage of the total amount of money that will be awarded to the aggrieved party. If you compute it, it is basically about 25% of the total amount that the aggrieved party would get in case they would win the case.<br />The thing is, the law in Georgia requires that if a spouse has filed suit, she is only to receive not less than 1/3 of any financial considerations. Here is a breakdown in case a spouse and his or her children file a case; In case the amount awarded is one million dollars then, 1/3 of that, or 333 thousand dollars would be given directly to the spouse and the 250 thousand dollars would be given to the lawyer as his fees for filing and winning the case and the remaining 417 thousand dollars would be divided among the children of the deceased. These are just some things that you might want to know when you hire the services of an Atlanta wrongful death attorney.<br />Article 2<br />Obligations Of An Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyer<br />If you have heard about the term Atlanta wrongful death lawyer and do not know about it, then this article would provide you everything that you need to know about this particular term and at the same time would discuss about the obligations of such wrongful death lawyer from Atlanta. The wrongful death attorney is probably the most important person that the victims of personal injuries would want to look for. <br />This is because these lawyers can help the victims or aggrieved parties file a case against the negligence of other person or company which resulted to the death of an individual. The only people who have the right to file the said suit and claim are the immediate family member of the aggrieved parties. In case you want to know more about how and who can initiate the filing of the case, then it would be best if you could talk to these lawyers for further clarifications.<br />Here are some of the obligations that you can expect from your wrongful death lawyer:<br />The first thing that you can expect from your lawyer is for him to start the process. The said lawyer would then need to file necessary paperwork before the court and fill out several legal forms. You must also expect that your lawyer would be asking some pertinent documents to help you prove your case.<br />You can also expect for your wrongful death lawyers to represent your case in court and in any discussions in the court. This is because most defendants are really hard to deal with but if you have a lawyer, your lawyer can easily communicate with the other party since they know the legalities and it would also make the process a lot easier and knowing that they are the only people that could help you file your case and represent the same in court.<br />In case you wish to settle instead of going through the long process of filing a case, your wrongful death lawyer can also assist you with the settlement so you would not end up without anything. Most lawyers are experienced and their experiences would help them ask for the appropriate settlement for your case. In any case where the negligent party would not agree on the proposed settlement made by your lawyer, then the next things that he will do is to have your case filed in court.<br />These are just some of the things that you can expect from your lawyer so in case you will become victims of wrongful deaths or you know someone who needs help, then make sure to hire the services of the Atlanta wrongful death lawyer to make sure that you have someone that could help you with your case.<br /></li></ul>