what we know while in the camp?. “one vision, one identity, one...

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What we know while in the camp? Slide 2 One vision, One identity, One community Slide 3 -I-It has a population of 600 millions. - Red : courage and dynamism -Y-Yellow : prosperity -B-Blue : peace and stability -W-White : purity Slide 4 Brunei Darussalam Laos Cambodia Malaysia Singapore Philippines Vietnam Thailand Indonesia Myanmar Slide 5 Cambodia Slide 6 Kingdom of Cambodia -Head of state : His Majesty king Norodom Sihamoni -Head of Government : Prime Minister Hun Sen -Capital : Phnom Penh -Land area : 181,035 sq.km Slide 7 Traditional Ceremonies 1.) Chol Chnam (Khmer New Year) - Religions Tradition - Mid April - Three days - Maha sangkran (First day) - Vara wanabot (Second day) - Vara leung sakk (Third day) Slide 8 Vietnam Slide 9 Vietnam On the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Capital : Hanoi Area : 331,689 sq.km People : 85% Vietnamese / 3% Chinese Religions : Buddhism, Christian, Muslim Slide 10 Tradition Costumes = Non La Non La : Palm leaf conical hat Made out of such simple and available materials Serve numerous uses such as a personal sun proof, a basket for women going to market, a fan in hot summer day. Slide 11 Malaysia v Slide 12 Malaysia Capital City : Kuala Lumpur. Language : Malay Population : 27,565,821 (Census 2010) Currency : Ringgit Area : 329,847 sq km Slide 13 Presented by : Butsakorn Sathittheeratham M.1/1 Sirin Sutthitumdumrong M.1/1 Papitchaya Sainuea M1/2 Kanyarin Bupphako M.2/1 Thank you!