What Type of Adhesive to Use on Your Sticker Label

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  • What Type of Adhesive to Use on Your Sticker Label

    As important it is to sticker printing have a good design for your sticker labels, it label sticker is alsoimportant that the adhesive used on them is suitable so that your sticker actually sticks!

    The adhesive used on sticker labels are commonly made using rubber, acrylic or an acrylic blend.


    Adhesives made using rubber work well on most types of surfaces. But these suffer easy damagefrom heat and UV making them not suitable if they are going to end up in under sunlight or a placethat remains warm.

    But there plus point is that they can be easily removed using solvents. So it you want label stickersthat can be removed afterwards, then use rubber adhesive on them.


    On plastic surfaces, acrylic surface offers less stickiness as compared to rubber adhesive. Acrylicadhesive is more resistant to solvents, and hence are a good choice if you want your stickers to lastlong.

    Acrylic Blends

    These are also known as modified acrylics, and offer much more stickiness as compared to the othertwo types. These work well on all kinds of surfaces and are less resistant to solvents and can beremoved quite easily. But they are prone to wear off under heat and UV, like rubber adhesive, andhave to be kept away from the sun.

    Choose the right type of adhesive for your label sticker depending on what product you are going tostick them on, and in what environment will the products end up.


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