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What is static electricity?. Static electricity is the build up of charges on an object, but they do not flow. Static Charge What is a charged object? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • What is static electricity?

    Static electricity is the build up of charges on an object, but they do not flow.

  • Static Charge What is a charged object?A neutral object can become charged by gaining or losing electrons. If an object loses electrons, it is left with more protons (positive charge) than electrons (negative charge).

  • Can you transfer charges?

    Charges must be transferred from one object to another through friction, conduction, or induction.

  • FrictionThis is the transfer of electrons from one object to another by rubbing.

  • ConductionThis is the transfer of electrons from a charged object to another object by direct contact.

  • InductionThis is the movement of electrons to one part of an object caused by the electric field of another object.

  • What gains/loses electrons?

    If an object gives up electrons, another object gains those electrons. Electrons are only transferred from one location to another.

    Charges are not created nor destroyed.Rubber (-)Fur (+)Wool (+)Amber (-)Silk (-)Glass (+)

  • When a negatively charged object and a positively charged object are brought together, electrons move until both objects have the same charge.

  • LightningLightning is an example of static discharge.During thunderstorms, air swirls violently. Water droplets within the clouds become electrically charged.

  • A Van de Graff generator produces static electricity. Electrons are carried up a rubber belt and are transferred to the metal sphere.

  • Van de Graff Generator

  • In a series circuit, there is only one path for the current to take.

  • In a parallel circuit, there are several paths for current to take.

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    Series CircuitAdvantage Easy to design and buildDisadvantage When one device fails they all failEnergy must be shared by all devicesParallel CircuitAdvantage When one device fails the others remain onDisadvantage Hard to design and build

  • We Use Electricity Everyday!

  • Electrical Safety in the home (Internet Activity)

    Click on the two links below to play two different internet Electrical Safety games.

  • Historical Notes:Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist who invented the battery in 1800; hence Volt Georg Simon Ohm was a German physicist who did the experiments that resulted in Ohms Law in 1827Andre Marie Ampere was a French mathematician and physicist who made many contributions to our understanding of electricity in the 1820s

  • How electricity arrives in your home.

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