what is science fair? how can i (should i) help my child?


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What Is Science Fair?

What Is Science Fair? How Can I (Should I) Help My Child?

What Is Science Fair?

Power Point SlidesScience Fair Is a Process!It is NotJust A Research ProjectMust GetNumbersThat CanBe Used In GraphsA Proposal Form IsSubmittedWhat Must My Child Do In A Science Fair Project? Ask a question for which he/she does not know the answer? What effect does microwaving have on the stem growth of radish seeds?

What must my child do in a science fair project? R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H!Look up sources to find information on topics listed, especially on the Proposal Form: PeriodicalsEncyclopediasFilmsNewspapersWebsitesJournals

Children have access to Destiny Library and World Book Encyclopedia throughSchool accounts.Set 1: encyclopedias/ dictionariesSet 2: online resources/ periodicalsSet 3: biographies of scientists who impacted my research and expert interviewName: _____________________________Science Fair Research NotesClass: _____________________________Date: ______________________Topic: Subtopic:

Source: Citation Facts: (Bullet) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Key Words: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________New questions to research:

Develop A HypothesisIn the form of If, thenBecause If radish seeds are microwaved for varying times, then those microwaved the longest will not sprout because The added heat will kill the seed.

Design the experiment to test The hypothesisExperiment Is testable : numbers from the experiments outcome can be graphed Experiment has an independent variable that was deliberately changed to produce an outcomeExperiment has a dependent variable that is the measurable outcomeExperiment has constants that are the factors that stay the same so that the independent alone is responsible for an effectExperiment has a control that the outcome of the experiment can be compared to

December is ExperimentMonth for most students. If a student is working with human subjects, plants, or experiments needing more time, start the experiment as soon as possible. Include a detailed materials listGive the Quantity of Each item

3 glass beakersName the specific type

1 aa Battery1 AAA battery

Be AsClearAsPossible.IncludeAllNeededItems. Write A Detailed Procedure

Compose Power-Point documentHas cover sheetHas Acknowledgement PageDiscusses why the topic is important and usefulSummarizes notes on topic from famous scientistsCovers main points of researchCites experts inputStates the hypothesisLists Works CitedIncludes a short Appendix

Analyze Data Draw ConclusionsGraphMust have Data (numbers)Look for meanLook for modeLook for medianLook for rangeCompare and contrast results

Title of Project in Question FormPurposeIntroductionPrevious ResearchWith pixProblem ?HypothesisVariablesIVDVConst.ControlList of Bulleted Materials & amountsPicturesNumberedProcedurePicturesResults (Raw Data)Data tablesParagraphsGraphs (2 or more)PicturesDiagramsDrawingsData AnalyMeanModeMedianRangeComparisons Of dataImportanceConclusionAnd WhyApplicationDesign TheBackboardShare your project with the class and with JudgesGrade 6 will meet with 2 judgesGrades 7 and 8 will meet with 3 judgesStudents will come to the awards ceremony In the PAC

How can you as a parent help?Be supportive and encouragingHelp children keep schedulesHelp paraphrase research into own wordsHelp find pictures to go with power-PointDiscuss graphs and dataListen to children give oral presentationsBut, Please do notWrite your childs paperworkDo your childs backboardGet angry with your child when he/she does not understand something. Have them talk to the teacher instead.



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