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Keynote presentation from the annual UK Museums on the Web conference - Nov, 2012. What can museums achieve by putting their collections online? What channels can the content be distributed on? How can they encourage sharing and engagement with their content? How can online collections provide more transparency around museum operations? How can the success of collections online be mesasured?


  • 1. What do we Paul Rowewant fromonline CEO, Vernon Systems collections?UK Museums on the Web 201230th Nov 2012, London My officeSouth Auckland c. 1870http://www.aucklandartgallery.com/the-collection/browse-artwork/7268/south-auckland-landscape

2. Content 3. Collections arent just objects, they represent knowledgehttp://collection.cooperhewitt.org/media/ 4. Catalogue records will never be perfecthttp://www.brooklynmuseum.org/opencollection/objects/103443 5. Share what you haveOwaka Museum in NewZealand publishes all oftheir 6,800 records andimages online 6. Owaka Museum: 75,000page views per yearhttp://www.nzmuseums.co.nz/account/3021 7. Channels 8. http://pinterest.com/aucklandmuseum 9. http://wellcomebrains.tumblr.com/ 10. EngagementWow, the lady in the back row inthe middle is my great, great, greatgrandma!!This is Jeremiah Callaghan from Boherbue,Cork, Ireland. Buried in the SouthernCemetery, Dunedin (Callahan). Married toJemima McLeod from Wick, Scotland. Lived4km south of Owaka on the lake with his sonStriaticonFlickrJohn and Jeremiah. 11. Re-use 12. Consider licences which encourage re-usePowerhouse Museum: Creative Commons licensed photo collectionhttp://www.museumsandtheweb.com/mw2009/papers/bray/bray.html 13. Copyright is complex publishing just thedata is still worth ithttp://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/shapiro-woman-shielding-her-child-p06558 14. Sharing data throughprogramming interfaces 15. TransparencyDire wolf skulls at George C. Page Museum Pyry MatikainenWikimedia Commons / CC-By-SA 2.5 16. Clear details about deaccessioninghttp://www.imamuseum.org/art/collections/artwork/teapot--15 17. http://dmadashboard.org/ 18. Metricshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/mikenan1/1992831000 By Mikenan1 - CC-By-NC-ND 2.0 19. Statistics to help us better direct our resources 20. Wonder 21. http://collections.tepapa.govt.nz/ 22. Make it, share it,learn from it, make it better 23. Thank youPaul RoweVernon Systems@armchair_caver


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