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<p>Collections</p> <p>Natural History CollectionsTypes of Natural History CollectionsNatural History MuseumsPlantsAnimalsSkeletonsPreserved FossilsAnthropology CollectionsGeological collectionsBotanical GardensZoological Parks</p> <p>Plant Garden at the Museum of Natural History, ParisEarliest Natural History MuseumsCabinets of curiositiesPublic Museums16th Century; Conrad Gessner in Zurich1635; Musum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris1677; Ashmolean Museum in Oxford1881; Natural History Museum in London</p> <p>Functions of Natural History CollectionsEducationCatalog biodiversityLibrary of informationRepository for type specimensSource of physical and molecular samples for comparisonConservation</p> <p>Main Hall of the Field Museum of Natural History, ChicagoTypes of SpecimensMuseumsSpecimens are dry or preservedFossilsBotanical gardensLiving plants in a park or in greenhousesHerbariaZoological Parks (Zoos)Living terrestrial animalsAquariaLiving aquatic animals</p> <p>Natural History Museum, LondonFounded 1881Main collections:BotanyEntomologyMinerologyPaleontologyZoology</p> <p>National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.Established 1910One of the Smithsonian MuseumsMain collections:PlantsAnimalsFossilsMineralsRocksMeteoritesCultural artifacts</p> <p>Botanical GardentsFrom herbal gardens and exotic plants, 18th centuryHistory to biblical timesTest and grow plants for medicine, dyes, food, timber, and other economic and strategic purposesBartram Gardens first botanical garden in N.A.Satisfy European demand for exotic plants</p> <p>New York Botanical Garden, NYCEstablished 189150 gardens, one a parcel of old-growth forestPfizer Plant Research LaboratoryGenomic DNA storageTreeBOL, a project to barcode plantsMertz Library</p> <p>Rose garden of the New York Botanical GardenRoyal Botanic Gardens, KewOpened 1759Largest collection of living plants &gt;30,000 different speciesJodrell LaboratoryBotanical illustrationSeed collectionResearch in secondary compounds</p> <p>Palm House, Kew GardensHerbarium SpecimensHerbarium sheetsDry mosses &amp; lichensLarge specimens stored in boxesAll kept in cabinets according to a system</p> <p>Herbarium at the Museum of Natural History, ParisHerbariaMusum national d'histoire naturelle(Paris) nearly 10 million specimens . .. (St. Petersburg) more than 7 million specimensRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew (7 million specimens)New York Botanical Garden, (7 million specimens)</p> <p>Herbarium curator at the New York Botanical Garden William and Lynda Steere HerbariumZoos and AquariaEvolved from private royal menageriesLiving collections with different habitat and dietary requirementsBreeding programs in place for conservation and to maintain a breeding population</p>