What do our cities say about us?

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What do our cities say about us?. Q Skills Listening and Speaking Unit 8 . a greeable ( adj.) / ribl / . attract (v) / trkt /. a greed ( adj ) (only used before a noun) . attraction (n) attractiveness ( n.unc ). a ttraction ( adj ) . a greement (n) . a gree (v) . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>What do our cities say about us?</p> <p>What do our cities say about us?Q Skills Listening and Speaking Unit 8 agreeable ( adj.) /ribl/ </p> <p>agreed (adj) (only used before a noun) </p> <p>agreement (n) attract (v) / trkt/attraction (n) attractiveness (n.unc) attraction ( adj) attractively (adv)conscientious ( adj.) /kniens/ kniens/conscientiously (adv) conscientiousness ( n, unc)hand in hand ( phr) agree (v) conscience (n) innovation ( n.) /nven/innovate (v) innovative (adj.) innovator (n)mobile (adj.) /mbal/ /mobl/mobile (n.) region (n.) /ridn/regional ( adj.)regionally (adv.)satisfy (v.) /stsfa/satisfaction (n.) satisfactory (adj.) satisfied </p> <p>satisfactorily (adv.) surroundings (n.) pl /srandz/tend to ( phr.) surround (v) surround (n) surrounding (adj.) </p> <p>At the wedding last night I was Surrounded by deafening music.</p> <p>The penguin is surroundedby baby penguins. This fire surround is quite plain. </p> <p>The mother duck is tending to her ducklings.We need to tend to plants carefully. </p> <p>This is the latest innovative mobile from Nokia. </p> <p>Should we stay in this mobile home for our holiday? </p> <p>You really need to be mobile if you live here.</p> <p>They agreed that the proposal was a good one.This man is a conscientious objector he does not want to fight. People are attracted tomagnets,,</p> <p>He seems to be satisfied just lyingin the sun.Tuscany is a beautiful region on the west coast of Italy. </p> <p>The MMI is a recent innovation in medical science.This building won a prize for its innovative design.</p> <p>Poverty and poor health usually go hand in hand. </p> <p>Each person has to make a decisionaccording to their own conscience</p> <p>The sharks surrounded the boat.The island is surrounded by water.</p> <p>A study has found that students who use Facebook to share links or check up on friends tend to have higher GPAs than those who use Facebook to make status updates.</p>