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Foredrag holdt sammen med Mariann Løkse på Internet Librarian International i London 2008


  • 1. What difference does it make? Norwegian libraries after 23 things Mariann LkseJannicke Rgler Troms University LibraryBuskerud County Library [email_address] [email_address]

2. 23 Things has been completed in eight Norwegian counties this year 3. Survey facts

    • Aim:
      • Find out if 23 things has made a difference in our libraries
    • 114 respondents
    • Survey carried out in August 2008
    • Librarians from public libraries, school libraries, county libraries, university libraries
    • Questionnaire from Surveymonkey.com

4. The most popular things 5. The least useful things 6. What have you/your library implemented after 23 Things? 7. Which things do you plan to use in your library? 8. Libraries on YouTube, Facebook, blogs...

9. Do you think Web 2.0 will introduce new ways of working in your library? 10. 2.0: motivating factors

    • Web 2.0 is fun!
    • Stimulating and challenging
    • This is the future!
    • Learning new things is good for you
    • Marketing of library services
    • Makes the library more accessible for users

11. 2.0: demotivating factors

    • Lack of library relevance
    • Lack of support from library managment
    • Lack of time and competence
    • We must not let technology take focus away from our other services
    • More toys than tools

12. Web 2.0 and libraries

    • We need to look at the way we communicate with our users
    • Web 2.0might make us think about the library in new and creative ways
    • It is important that we use these technologies, not because they are called2.0, but because they make our library better

13. Conclusion: Has it made a difference?

  • Before?
  • After?