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Westward Expansion! . America expands west!. Think about it…. If your family was moving across to country to a place where there was NOTHING in the place where you were moving…no houses or stores or anything…what ten things would you definitely pack and why? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Westward Expansion!

America expands west!Westward Expansion!

Think about itIf your family was moving across to country to a place where there was NOTHING in the place where you were movingno houses or stores or anythingwhat ten things would you definitely pack and why?

What qualities do you think a pioneer should have? List three and explain.Before and after

Where did they go?Most pioneers left their homes in the east and headed westward to the Great Plains in the westThe Great Plains is a huge area of grassland between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains

Why move west?Rumors of gold!Thousands moved west to California to mine for gold.Gold Fever! California Gold Rush! 49ers!Free land!Homestead Act: To those who were eligible, the U.S. gave 160 acres of land.21 year old heads of households who agreed to build on and care for the landAdventure and escape!Many moved simply to experience adventure and/or to escape from situations that they didnt care forManifest DestinyMany believed that they were destined, or meant to, expand the U.S. from Sea to Shining Sea

How did they travel?Wagons!Most families packed up their valuables and their necessities in a covered wagonGroups of wagons called wagon trains often traveled togetherFamily members took turns riding in wagons and walking beside the wagonsCaptains often led these trains

What dangers did they face?Lack of food, water, and shelterLack of protection from the weather (floods, storms)Lack of medical careExposure to Native Americans who felt threatened by the presence of settlersConflict with other settlers- they sometimes were competing for the same land and resources (water, animals, trees). Sometimes small range wars broke out. These were feuds between neighboring settlers.What was life like on the prairie?Many arrived to find huge empty areas of landBuilt homes (log or sod houses)Found sources of water and foodsome lived near creeks or rivers while others had to make windmills to pump water out of the groundMany were miles from their nearest neighbors or trading postslonelyHarsh weather that they werent used toDifferent soil for raising crops and animals

From a prairie womanIt might seem a cheerless life, but there were many compensations: the thrill of conquering a new country; the wonderful atmosphere; the attraction of the prairie, which simply gets into your blood and makes you dissatisfied away from itThe pioneer spirit was continuous in our family

A sad part of historyMany Native Americans were unfairly driven from the lands that theyd lived on for many, many years because the U.S. government claimed it. They were forced to move to reservations.

Herds of wild bison became nearly extinct as settlers began to use them as sources of food and shelter

EventuallySo many pioneers traveled west thatSmall cities and towns popped up in the westMany families grew as they lived in the westImmigrants moved into the west

These westward areas were eventually added as states which are much more populated today

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