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  • 1. Welcome to Btec Mediaby Amy PooleIntroductionWithin this PowerPoint Im going to look at connotations and credibility ofparticular articles journalists have written and implemented to make theirarticles meet professional standards. I will be both showing a wide range ofsources from the internet as well as evidence from my own work regarding thepractices journalist follow when reporting certain stories as this can havesignificant impact how the audience perceive and receive the story.

2. Media Regulators for JournalistsOFCOM- Ofcom is the main broadcaster regulator that deals with complaints from the mass audiences across TV and digital media spectrum. They have a set of broadcasting codes and conventions for journalists to follow. These are important because they set out what the journalist can and cant do when making a news report. The types of issues discussed within Ofcoms codes and conventions are accuracy and fairness which are even more important aspects within the print publication regarding how journalists report as they the audience want the report to be accurate as they are dependent on the journalist news regarding certain subjects.Source OFCOM : http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/broadcasting/broadcast- codes/broadcast-code/PRESS COMPLIANTS COMISSON- They are an organisation regulated by newspaper editors whohave the right to regulate themselves and discuss matters being raised by complaints made fromthe public. Recent controversial news i.e phone hacking scandal and the Levenson inquiry havequestioned how this organisation is run as this allowed peoples privacy to be invaded throughhacking their phones. Nevertheless, this is still important for journalist to beware if they do breachany representation all the worlds media will be on them. 3. Social and cultural awarenessDefinition:Social and cultural awareness means how the journalist must consider whentrying to display a certain sensitive topic to the audience through notoffending people on their culture or social beliefs or disabilities or ethnicorigin. Therefore, they must try not in anyway misrepresent an ethnic group orlifestyle as people can be offended if a certain group is singled out i.e.disabilities ,sexuality through the context and language being used within theprint article which can cause various regulators to investigate claims from theaudience I.e. Ofcom, press complaints commission etc. If they do in any wayconflict these social and culture issues then criminal proceedings can happenalong with large public out cry due to the fact that the people are offendedand there have been complaints. 4. Example of Cultural awareness The cultural awareness issue being raised within this article is that western culture products are being banned within Iran which is cultural issue as the journalist is accusing one cultural discriminating another culture within this article.How they portray cultural awareness in this particular article isthrough trying not in any way create an stereotypes in regards tothe country Iran because this news report can have damagingimpact on how the audience perceive the country which can beseen as inaccurate as the journalist reporting from the outsideviewing in to the heart of subject .But when you first read thetitle of the article it can be seen to the audience a bit aggressivebecause some people may be offended as this article is verymuch a political and culture debate regarding Iran an Islamicculture hatred regards to the western culture and products suchas the Barbie doll which sounds silly but this is serious subject. In order in not offend any culture beliefs within the article thejournalist has remained impartial in order not to influence theaudience views and opinions through the way they feel. But thereare subtle hints of a biased approach within the article becausethey are directly making arguments and accusations against oneparticular culture therefore they have provided evidence firstly tonot held the journalist accountable for a sudden outburst againstthat culture. But secondly they use evidence such statistics to showtruth in the allegations into what journalist is making in the articleto highlight the audience this is indeed happening rather thanmaking a argument without any factual evidence to the audience. 5. CredibilityThe definition of credibility is how sufficiently the evidence being used within anargument or report is backed up i.e. if someone is making an accusation or assumptionthey must have reliable facts to make their case be known. Within journalism itself whenthe writer is making the story they must showcase a wide range of trustworthy evidencei.e. 3 sources or more saying the same evidence before providing the case to the audienceas they have to make sure they showcase the accurate information as if they dont thenthe audience will be mislead. So they source the information so that the audience canfind out where they got the information so that they know there is credible evidencebehind their argumentAdvantages /Disadvantages Advantages of using the another agencies information is that you can start to buildup an effective case for the story being reported in this case. However the main disadvantage is that you cant always depend on other agenciesfor being a reliable source of information as they might not have all the facts .So inthis particular story they have found various sources and have highlighted this tothe audience through giving a detailed background history of the product fromBarbie doll manufactures Mattel and rules and regulations Iran have implemented. 6. Accuracy Article 1 continuedhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2089392/Ban-Barbie-Police-Iran-shut-toy-shops-selling-U-S-doll-crackdown-Western-culture.htmlAs they are making accusations about one particularculture they need hard evidence to back up what theyare saying so that they dont misrepresent a culturewhich is discrimination and unlawful as it will create afalse interpretation of a country and religion.So they have used statistic i.e. time and dates areincluded to build up a picture of the timescale of howIran began implementing these rules and regulationswithin the article to bring the audiences attention tohow serious and rapid Iran have pulled the plug onBarbie as it conflicts with their beliefs both political andreligious.The accuracy within this article can be challenged dueto the fact that a news agency has been sourced .Solater on in the article they have included eye witnessaccounts to bring to life the statics they reportedearlier. This clarifies the audiences understanding asthey have someone they can identify with rather thansee statistics. They have also sourced the informationso that they the audience can find out theinformation later. 7. ReadabilityWhat readability means how readable is the text i.e. how is the structure set out within thearticle for the audience to understand the purpose of the text and meaning of all. So what thejournalist needs to accommodate with the readability with their articles is their targetaudience , as this can have a direct impact how they structure their articles and how theaudience perceive them for instance if they are a younger audience then the language andsentences would be shorter compared to an older audience due the fact that differentaudiences take information different ways. Therefore the journalist firstly understand thepurpose of the article and genre to best attract the audience to the article to meet theaudiences attention. 8. Readability : The Phone hacking scandalWhat is important about the readability of this particular article is that this is tabloid newspaper which is aimedworking class with agenda of its own which supports labour rather than the government in charge of the countryconservative. This is important to understand as they will be in the article the levenson inquiry attacking one of themain foundings of the inquiry which the prime minister wont implement stronger regulations to media which havemeant victims have had to relive situations for the inquiry with nothing to be specifically done.These paragraphs are short and precise to meet theaudiences needs by being able to read and identify theinformation automatically as the newspaper has tried to doa breakdown of why and how the inquiry worked over themonths .As the purpose of this is to raise questions of timeand money spent to conduct the inquiry for the Pm to goagainst the main finding of it all as they the newspaper aretrying to display the mood of anger of those it has effectedas well as making the audience be angry as a lot of publicmoney has been wasted .In this particular case they again are trying to bring to attention in asubtle way the people uproar of David Camerons decision to notsanction tougher rules to the press by showcasing the peoplesopinions of those involved such as Kate and Gerry McCann and theDowler family who have been seriously effected from what hashappened. The impact this has it that it is advantage includingpeople who it was affected is that people can relate to the how hardit has been for them to relive personal tragedy. But the disadvantageof using quotes within this article is that they the newspaper canmiss quote a person which will create false representation which http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/leveson-report-people can sue for libel as it false and harm peoples reputation.david-cameron-rejects-1464508 9. Readability Up CloseThey have been known TheMirror newspaper to highlight There is deep empathise withinany controversial decisions short captions that have a longbeing made by the lasting impacts in the article asConservatives in order to it is purposely focuses on theshow their weaknesses inserious decision of Pm madesubtle ways to try to bring regarding cuts to the NHSattention to the Labour partys which we all dependent on as itviews to influence thehas heritage and purpose itaudience within their articles. serve