BTEC L2 Diploma in ICT & ICT PtA 2013 - 14 Welcome

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<ul><li><p>BTEC L2 Diploma in ICT &amp; ICT PtA2013 - 14Welcome</p></li><li><p>TutorsAdrian</p><p>George</p><p>Julie</p></li><li><p>College Contact Yale College Switchboard01978 311794</p><p>Faculty Office Direct01978 317329 before 9:30 if ringing in sick, otherwise you will be marked absent (no EMA)</p></li><li><p>Evidence of QualificationsBy the end of this week you must bring in your qualification certificates previously gained either at Yale or SchoolWe will immediately photocopy them and return them to youThis must be done next week, it is a disciplinary issue if you do not produce your certificates</p></li><li><p>Programme of studyYou have enrolled on a programme of study, not just one course with a few extras</p><p>All elements of the programme are mandatory</p><p>You must attend all elements of the programme throughout the year</p></li><li><p>Discipline ProceduresCollege is not schoolIf you miss classes or misbehaveFormal Verbal WarningFinal Verbal WarningLetterContractRemoved from CollegeUnlike school, the College does not have to have you here</p></li><li><p>Programme of StudyAs you can see there are 36 of youYou have been split into two Tutor GroupsFor teaching purposes you will still be a group of 36 Julie, George and I will teach all of youWe will be splitting you up in different ways throughout the year</p></li><li><p>Programme of Study GNCBTEC Level 2 Diploma in ITBTEC Level 2 Award in WorkSkillsWelsh Baccalaureate Level 2 (Pilot)4 x Keyskills Level 2Work ExperienceMathematics Level 2 (OCN) or GCSEEnglish Level 2 (OCN) or GCSE </p></li><li><p>Programme of Study AJBBTEC Level 2 Certificate in ITBTEC Level 2 4 x Keyskills Level 2Cisco IT EssentialsWork experience every Friday throughout the course</p></li><li><p>There is an element of Work Experience on this courseWe will discuss this with you during PT sessionsProgramme of Study</p></li><li><p>Scheme of Work Term 1 (Christmas)</p><p>WeekStartingTopicComments110-SepInduction (rules, newsletter, wp exercise)213-SepCourse induction + Unit 1 &amp; 2320-SepUnit 1 - Communicating in the IT Industry &amp; Unit 2 - Working in the IT Industry427-SepUnit 1 - Communicating in the IT Industry &amp; Unit 2 - Working in the IT Industry504-OctUnit 1 - Communicating in the IT Industry &amp; Unit 2 - Working in the IT Industry611-OctUnit 12 IT Support + Unit 14 Workskills718-OctUnit 12 IT Support + Unit 14 Workskills25-OctHalf term801-NovWelsh Bacc + Unit 29 Workskills 908-NovWelsh Bacc + Unit 29 Workskills 1015-NovWelsh Bacc, Student Market1122-NovUnit 12 IT Support + Unit 14 Workskills1229-NovUnit 12 IT Support + Unit 14 Workskills1306-DecWelsh Bacc Individual InvestigationLiverpool Albert Dock1413-DecWelsh Bacc Individual Investigation20-DecChristmas27-DecHolidays</p></li><li><p>Scheme of Work Term 2 (Easter)</p><p>WeekStartingTopicComments1504-JanUnit 3 Computer Systems1610-JanUnit 3 Computer Systems1717-JanUnit 3 Computer Systems1824-JanUnit 3 Computer Systems, Key Skills1931-JanIntegrated Assignment2007-FebIntegrated Assignment2114-FebWelsh Bacc Individual Investigation21-FebHalf term2228-FebWelsh Bacc - Welsh awarness/language2307-MarWelsh Bacc Individual Investigation2414-MarUnit 9 Customising Computer Software2521-MarUnit 9 Customising Computer Software2628-MarUnit 9 Customising Computer Software2704-AprWesh Bacc and Key Skills Consolidation2811-AprWelsh Bacc Diary18-AprEaster25-AprEaster</p></li><li><p>Scheme of Work Term 3 (Summer)</p><p>WeekStartingTopicComments2902-MayWelsh Bacc Diary3009-MayUnit 7 Installing Computer HardwareAlton Towers3116-MayUnit 7 Installing Computer Hardware3223-MayUnit 7 Installing Computer Hardware30-MayHalf term3306-JunUnit 7 Installing Computer Hardware, Unit 8 Installing Computer Software3413-JunUnit 8 Installing Computer Software3520-JunUnit 8 Installing Computer Software3627-JunUnit 8 Installing Computer Software3704-JulConsolidationWirral Country Park BBQ</p></li><li><p>WorkloadYou must attend EVERY lessonThe SOW is very full you will doing new things in most lessonsMiss a lesson, you will be behind and you will have to catch up with the work at home. This will be closely monitored.We constantly move forward</p></li><li><p>WorkloadYou will be assessed with assignmentsYou must complete these assignments on time to succeed in this courseYour assignments will be marked and given back to you with feedbackTo improve your grade (if necessary), read the feedback</p></li><li><p>TripsWe hope to arrange some trips out during the yearSome of these trips will be free but some will incur a fee We will ask each of you for 30 to cover all travel and admission for these tripsBring in 30 by the end of September please</p></li><li><p>Success and ProgressionOver the last 5 years we have had a 100% pass rate with this programme.Of those passes &gt;87% are at higher gradesWe intend to continue with thisSo you will be pushed hard</p></li><li><p>To progress onto the BTEC National September 2014:Achieve BTEC Level 2 Merit or HigherMathematics GCSE C or equivalent English GCSE C or equivalent</p><p>GOOD LUCK</p><p>Success and Progression</p></li></ul>


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