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The best CUPCAKE IDEAS from around the world!


<ul><li> Wedding Cupcake Ideas Featured <br />on<br /><br /></li> <li> Betty Boop signature cupcakes from Pink Ribbon Bakery<br />Submitted by: Sheila Comer<br /></li> <li> Its a moist chocolate cupcake with a raspberry cream icing, all topped off with some dazzling edible glitter.<br />They are super fun and yummy!<br /></li> <li> The Next Wedding Cupcake Ideas<br />is the<br />Wedding Cupcake<br />Submitted by our Guest Blogger<br /></li> <li> It is a simple White Chocolate Mud cake with rosewater buttercream. Topped with embossed fondant and toppers.<br /></li> <li> The Next Wedding Cupcake Ideas<br />is the<br />Flower wedding cupcake ideas<br />Tonya a.k.a. T2<br /></li> <li> These wedding cupcake ideas were created by cupcake bakery Belisa Cupcakes a partnership between Belinda and Elisa two moms from Sydney Australia.<br /></li> <li> Thanks for checking out our pictures of wedding cupcake ideas!<br /></li> <li> For more pictures of wedding cupcake ideas<br />from around the world<br />visit<br /><br /></li> </ul>