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Websites for 21st Century Learners. Kathryn Laster, Richardson ISD LaKe Highlands High School. Welcome!. Introductions Notes @ or (DropBox) Warm Up! Please go to this site and respond: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Websites for 21st Century Learners</p> <p>Websites for 21st Century LearnersKathryn Laster, Richardson ISDLaKe Highlands High SchoolWelcome!IntroductionsNotes @ or (DropBox)Warm Up!Please go to this site and respond: Connect, question, and share at </p> <p>Todays PurposeWHY?HowWhatMy Website story...</p> <p>What makes a Website engaging?</p> <p>Whats your PURPOSE?</p> <p>How do you NURTURE your site?</p> <p>Time in class</p> <p>Whats on your site?Please go to room: klasmathand respond to the questionWhats on your site?Get inspired!</p> <p>What ELSE can go on your Website?</p> <p>What do students want on teachers Websites?Get inspired!</p> <p>What ELSE can you put on your site?Please respond on</p> <p>How can you make your site more interactive?</p> <p>For those in charge WHY?HowWhatOther</p> <p>Inspiration from students...made my Website more mobile friendlylooking for interactive games/puzzlesadding a discussion optioninvestigating Easter eggs! </p> <p>...and remember the A-HA!</p> <p>Final Words from an ExpertGet inspired!Whats next for you? </p> <p>What will you start, create, or change?</p> <p>How will these changes impact student learning?Thank you!Please continue to add comments/reflections: evaluate this session. You may access this presentation at OR </p> <p>Enjoy the rest of the conference!Kathryn Laster</p>