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  • JONNY CARTER World Class Coaching Publications

    Jonny Carter [email protected]

    423 276 1827

    Football Coaching Manuals from the Professionals

  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Phnom Penh Crown FC | Cambodia | www.PPCfc.com

    Technical Co-ordinator u13 & u15 Academy Generations | PPCFC 1st Team Assistant Coach

    Kowloon Cricket Club | Hong Kong | www.KCC.org.hk

    u15 Elite Team | KCC 1st Team Head Coach

    Nike Soccer Camp | Hong Kong | www.CNSportsCamps.com

    Head Coach | Curriculum Development

    Yau Yee Select | Citi Bank HKFC Soccer 7s | Hong Kong | www.HKSoccerSevens.com

    Head Coach

    AFC A Licence | 2013 AFC B Licence | 2012

    NSCAA Advanced National Diploma | 2007 NSCAA National Diploma | 2006


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  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Jonny Carter has a rich football experience having been a student of the game from his informative playing days through a celebrated coaching

    career that has seen him travel to multiple football cultures in the pursuit of knowledge. Since earning his first coaching certificates while still at

    University in the mid 1990s Jonny has voyaged through Europe, America and across much of

    Asia learning and sharing his unique insight into football and coaching.

    As a soccer student Jonny is obsessed by the intricacies of tactical football and the methodologies

    used worldwide to coach this information. As a keen advocated of youth development Jonny has

    previously documented his Principles-Based methodology in his earlier World Class Coaching

    published manuals, and has further documented his possession oriented approach to coaching in

    other recent manuals.

    Jonny has travelled far in search of coaching wisdom including the 1st Team Head Coach at the

    prestigious Kowloon Cricket Club located in the vibrant heart of Hong Kong, Vitesse Soccer based

    in Tennessee and as Technical Co-ordinator of the u13 & u15 Academy Generations | 1st Team

    Assistant Coach at Phnom Penh Crown FC. Jonny has written and delivered the football program

    for the Nike Soccer Camp in Hong Kong that offers elite youth players opportunity to experience

    his contemporary training methods. Jonny was the guest Head Coach for the Yau Yee League

    Select Team who participated with esteem at the respected

    HKFC Citibank Soccer 7s event in 2014, where the amateur

    team were pitted against local professional clubs and Premier League heavyweights.

    Jonny currently runs a series of coach education courses based on theoretical football concepts through his

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com project; soccer students can learn from a pathway of UK

    accredited academic courses on the concepts of soccer. Education Football is the pioneer of certified

    qualifications in football theory.


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    World Class Coaching | www.WorldClassCoaching.com

    Since 1998, WORLD CLASS COACHING has become a household

    name in the worldwide soccer coaching community.

    Our digital magazine is the publication of choice for soccer coaches in

    over 70 countries ranging from coaches of professional and national

    teams to coaches of young recreational teams.

    WORLD CLASS COACHING has its own line of over 200 soccer

    coaching DVDs and books as well as the worlds largest online

    searchable database of soccer drills and exercises.

    Every year WORLD CLASS COACHING conducts an international coaching seminar that is attended by hundreds of coaches from across the


    In total, over 40,000 soccer coaches from all over the world, use WORLD CLASS COACHING to help with their training sessions and game day


    WORLD CLASS COACHING has received many testimonials from prominent coaches and clubs as well as from our regular customers. Visit

    our web site for these testimonials and other information. www.WorldClassCoaching.com


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Coaching Possession with a Purpose | Volume I

    A complete guide to making maximum use of

    possession so you also pose maximum danger. Packed

    with detailed diagrams, setup instructions and coaching

    points, its drills will give your players a bigger

    advantage every time you win possession.

    Divided into 11 chapters, with each focused on a

    specific scenario when you are in possession and how to

    train your players to move the ball in the right direction

    up the pitch and through the opposition. This includes

    building play through the midfield, third player

    movement to create penetration, penetrating runs to

    break midfield lines and urgency of possession in

    attacking areas.

    Coaching Possession with a Purpose | Volume II

    The game has wised up. Todays clued in coaches know

    its not how much of the ball you have but what you do

    with it that counts. Theyve realized that chasing crazy

    high possession stats isnt going to win you games. Its

    playing with maximum productivity that will.

    This new manual expands on the first volume with

    highly focused drills that train your players to exploit

    the weaknesses of high possession sides and to make

    better use of the ball to mount attacks. It includes

    chapters on switching the play, executing give and go

    combination plays, exploiting creative wing play and

    much more.


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Coaching the Principles of Soccer

    Attack & Defense

    This manual breaks down how the game is played into

    digestible chunks. Drills are provided which highlight to

    players what they need to do, when and why in a variety

    of offensive and defensive situations. Every drill is

    clearly explained with setup instructions, detailed

    diagrams and coaching points for maximum benefit.

    The principles are clearly defined, which remain the

    same whatever formation you play. These chapters also

    looks at the numbering of positions and where in the

    formation youd expect each player to be. In particular,

    it aims to help players understand what their roles and

    responsibilities are in different situations.

    Conquering Your Next Coaching Course

    If you want to advance your career this manual is

    essential reading. Its a unique guide on exactly what to

    expect at every stage and what to do to impress the

    assessors. With these valuable insights, you know

    exactly whats expected of you before you arrive.

    Instead of massive pressure and stress, youll feel

    confident and ready to pass.

    Coaching courses can be harsh and unforgiving. Give

    yourself the best possible chance of survival with this

    unique self help guide on conquering every stage of

    any coaching course and coaching at the next level.

    -The ultimate guide to preparing for any

    coaching license


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Coaching Soccer Weekly Pod Cast | www.CoachingSoccerWeekly.com

    Jonny Carter and the World Class Coaching publication Conquering Your Next Coaching Course is featured in the recent pod cast interview with

    Coaching Soccer Weekly | Listen to the in-depth interview


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Steve Darby Technical Director

    Lao Football Federation

    I took my first coaching course in 1974, the FA Prelim course and it was conducted by Howard Wilkinson. I was a combination of being terrified to fail and

    wanting to learn so much about the game! I always remember one of the first things taught. If you cant organize then you wont be able to coach. How true!

    Whenever I have had a disaster of a session its usually down to my organization. Surprisingly this applies more to young players than Pros or National

    Team players, who are easier to coach than kids!

    This book will help you to organize. Being organized will help you relax and be confident and be a better coach.

    It is a sad reality that attending a course will have both time and economic implications, and lets be honest we all want to pass. To coach at a higher level

    you have to have the drive to succeed and the desire to win, this will be mirrored in passing coaching courses. I wish I had read this book before attending any

    courses as it would have given me a cook book of football knowledge then as an individual Coach you can apply that knowledge. Good luck in your

    coaching career, listen to everybody and then choose your own path.

    - Steve Darby is a FIFA Instructor for Oceania and an Asian Football Confederation Coaching Instructor. He has played/Coached professionally in

    England, USA, Bahrain, Australia and Fiji,. He has coached in the Malaysian National League with Johor F.A, winning the League and the Malaysian

    F.A Cup. He has also won a SEA games Gold medal with Vietnam. After a spell with Sheffield Wednesday in England he coached Home Utd. in

    Singapore winning the FA Cup twice, the league and reaching the AFC Cup semifinals. In a later spell in Malaysia with Perak he won the Super Cup and

    AFC Qualification. He has worked as Thailand National Team Coach firstly working with Peter Reid and then Bryan Robson as the Managers. He has

    also had successful stints in India including coaching in the inaugural Indian Super League with Mumbai City FC. He is currently National Coach for

    the Lao Football Federation in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Tom Durkin Former US National Team Coach | u17 boys

    Former Assistant Coach | Tampa Bay Mutiny MLS

    Former IMG Academies Director

    Arjan de Zeeuw 13 Years Professional Player in England | 6 Years Premier League

    Barnsley FC | Wigan FC | Portsmouth FC | Coventry City FC

    The concept of the coaching manual Conquering Your Next Coaching

    Course is a truly excellent idea and one that the industry really does need.

    The concept of understanding the coaching course environment and being

    advised on how to prepare specifically for the high pressure setting is

    valuable knowledge, and these pages are full of knowledge.

    The training session plans are clearly set up with very coherent flow, relevant

    progressions and all are scalable to different levels on the coaching course

    pathway. Well written, well presented and well-conceived; incredible.

    Coaching the Principles of Soccer | Attack & Defense is more than just a

    coaching tool and more than just another football coaching resource. The

    structure and clarity of the documentation allows a coach to understand the

    core principles of attacking and defensive football and then carry these

    training concepts from the page, to the practice field and to share the details

    with our players.

    The formatting of the session plans allows a coach to retreat or to progress

    training session to meet the needs of your players and your teams. Whether a

    youth coach trying to impart the core principles as a foundation of knowledge

    or whether training elite players the session planning paints the clearest

    picture yet of what needs to be taught and how to teach it.

    A principles-based methodology is fast becoming the strongest educational

    tool in the coaching industry and this coaching manual is a pioneer, well

    ahead of its time.

    Excellently crafted, detailed with such clarity, and structured exactly how we

    need it.


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Michael Adam Triple T Academy | Singapore

    AFC Licenced Coach

    Ally Bain 1st Team Coach | Global Premier Soccer

    UEFA B Licence & NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

    This book shows on HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE COACH and it will be

    USEFUL for new coaches as well as a refresher for the experienced. The

    coaching points and reminder of the approaches for a coach to take makes

    me aware of my own coaching style. It allows me to evaluate my strategies

    and will definitely improve my coaching. Keep it coming for the development

    of the coaches, passing the knowledge to the players and eventually make the

    beautiful game a delight for those involved. Cheers.

    P.S. It's a guide to being a coach. Maybe you can have the title showing your

    book as a MANUAL TO BEING A COACH. Whether anyone wants to go for

    any coaching course or not, this book will help them coach.

    This coaching manual created by Jonny Carter further solidifies the opinion

    that he is one of the best coach educators in the industry today. He displays a

    clear ability to provide the reader with many variations of how the game can

    be played, but also how this is then broken down into individual sessions. I

    particularly like his candor when conceptualising principles & how a trainer

    would then impart this mind set upon his/her players. In a game where there

    are many grey areas, the clarity upon which he delivers this text is truly

    enlightening. Jonny has a vision of the game that few coaches possess, and as

    such this piece serves as a very comprehensive learning tool for coaches of

    all ability levels & experience.


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Tom Legg Academy Technical Director for PPC FC

    Head Coach for the CBA | Sierra Leone & Head of Performance Analysis |

    Sierra Leone

    Nicolas POSSETTI UEFA A Coaching License

    Technical Director | Coach

    "It is the attention to detail that sets Jonny Carter apart from other coaches,

    and I'm delighted to see that this approach is reflected in his latest

    publication with World Class Coaching. This guide provides an excellent,

    detailed overview of how to set your team up to face the technical and tactical

    demands of the modern game."

    This new coaching manual from Jonny is a cracker. Jammed packed with

    carefully crafted training activities that really escalates a mere possession-

    based exercise into a training tool with massive impact on players and the

    team game-play style as a whole.

    The scalability of the session plans allows the coach the flexibility to pitch the

    session exactly to the needs of the players, the vast majority of the exercises

    included within can be rolled out and delivered to a range of teams

    regardless of playing quality.

    Possession based training activities are a staple in most coachs repertoire,

    but this book raises the level into a new domain of coaching. Most



  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Luke Schroder Physical Educator | Quarry Bay School; Hong Kong

    Odion Obadin Anthony Phnom Penh Crown FC

    Professional Player & Coach | AFC C License

    Having been involved in a number of training sessions as a player and later

    as assistant coach I am pleased to see that this approach to developing

    players and teams has been documented, allowing a range of coaches to

    benefit from Jonny's experience and knowledge of the game.

    Jonny's coaching style develops players who are able to think independently

    and solve problems in match situations. This knowledge and ability is built

    upon the fundamental experiences and principles created by Coach Carter

    which have been replicated on the training ground.

    This publication, with its attention to detail and practicality will allow other

    coaches to structure a similar scenario on the training ground benefiting

    their players and teams.

    Having the chance to view possession football training from both a

    professional playing perspective and more recently a coaching perspective, I

    have a great appreciation for good training activities and now great training

    activities. Jonny has built a collection of truly great session plans and

    designed them with a simple linear format that allows coaches to worry less

    about planning and concentrate more on the coaching.

    Each page is a progression on the knowledge that we need to be teaching our

    players and we need to be coaching our teams. The plans are well laid out,

    the activities designed very clearly and the relevant coaching points defined

    with clarity. Thank you for a great coaching manual that is never far from

    my fingertips.


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Mark Farmer Director of Coaching

    Starkville Soccer Association

    Vito Stevanovich Director of Coaching

    FC Soccer Academy | Melbourne

    This book is awesome! I wish I had this before I took my last course.

    "essentially, you have paid for the privilege to have a large group of people

    pass judgement on something that you care very much about." Never thought

    of it that way, but this book is for people that truly do care about the sport

    and giving a good first impression.

    Thanks for all you do for the sport, Jonny. My academy has used exercises

    from you books and we love them.

    I have read through the book and I am happy to endorse it. To me it takes

    people like yourself to put their time and effort into putting a book together

    which will make it easier for future coaches to pass the test. It is people like

    yourself that have done the same coaching courses the hard way and I hope

    that the future budding coaches will appreciate the hard work you have put in

    to assist them in passing the coaching course.

    I am a strong believer that the true coaching test will come when the coaches

    start to implement what they have learned.

    Good luck and keep up the good work.


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Mafro Sports | MafroSports.com

    Mafro Sports

    Proud supporters of Jonny Carter and his

    World Class Coaching Publications


  • Jonny Carter | World Class Coaching Publications

    Education Football www.EducationFootball.com

    Jonny Carter

    Email | [email protected]

    Phone | 423 276 1827

    http://www.educationfootball.com/mailto:[email protected]