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Upcoming Events
Grafton Road, Warrnambool Vic 3280 Ph: 5564 4444 email: [email protected] www.wblcoll.vic.edu.au
Parents please note: Students are supervised between the times of 8.45am until 3.45pm daily
A week ago Warrnambool College celebrated
two nights of Year 11 students presenting them-
selves to families and friends. Both nights were
absolutely marvellous occasions and our
students looked sensational. The dances were
quite complex and it is remarkable that the
students involved were able to learn the steps in
the time available.
are an opportunity to place the spotlight for a
few minutes on each of the students involved.
Grandparents, parents, step-parents, partners,
neighbors, friends and others join together for a
wonderful night. I thoroughly enjoyed both
nights and was especially impressed with the
involved. I thank you all for your support of this
the night a success, especially Chloe Hammond,
Lisa Payne, Sonia Gellert and Colin Payne.
I know that there were many other teachers
and parents involved. I thank you all for your
support of this program.
The beginning of a new garden to the left of
the Welcome sign is on its way!
As mentioned a few weeks ago, we needed to
remove three trees at the entrance to the
College that were identified as being
dangerous. Today, after having laid new
concrete edges to a small garden and filled it
with bark mulch, new plants are going in. This
will include a new tree in the centre of the
soon to be grassed area.
We have received positive feedback about our
gardens. As they continue to grow over the
next few years, our school will continue to
grow with them.
Pages 3-5—House Reports
Pages 6-7—Careers News
Pages 8-11—College News
useful information
Assistant Principal Report Adam Matheson, David Clift, Emma Miller, Danny Finn
Adam Matheson
David Clift
Emma Miller
Danny Finn
At Warrnambool College we achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect
Page 2
OUR STUDENTS ARE ACHIEVING WONDERFUL THINGS OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL It is fantastic to read the local newspapers and see our students achieving great things in the community. We have had many award winners in the sporting fields; both individual awards and team premierships. Many of our students are involved in the musical and performing events taking place in the next few months. BULLANTS STATE FINALISTS We have had numerous sporting teams battle it out in State Finals during the past few weeks. Congratulations must go to the Senior Boys Football team – Year 8 Boys Football team – Senior Boys Hockey team; all of these teams performed with pride in the State Final. Luke Howlett and his team of staff will take numerous soccer teams off to State Finals next week – we wish them well. STUDENTS THAT CARE Our students have supported some very important local/national charities during the past month. We raised over $700 for the Leila Rose Foundation and the Childers House did an outstanding job in supporting Daffodil Day. We believe it is important for our students to learn the value of helping others in need. 2015 IMMUNISATION PROGRAM The next cycle is for all Year 7 students on Tuesday 15th September. This year is a transition year with all Year 7-10 students being immunised; next year it will only be Year 7 students. STUDENT DROP OFF ZONES Could all families please be careful around school drop off/pick up zones. The main drop off area is at the front of the school however some families are using the car park near the school gymnasium to drop their child/ children off. Please avoid using the bus loop as this area is allocated specifically for buses to drop off/pick up students. If cars enter this space then it becomes very unsafe for the buses to reverse out of their parking bays. Students should use the footpaths near the bus exchange and not walk across the road as there are buses en- tering and leaving this area before and after school. CAT COMMENTS OPEN TO ALL Just a quick reminder that our staff are continually providing feedback to students and families via the CAT comment section in Compass. Please have a read of the comments that staff are making about your child’s progress throughout the term. If you have any queries regarding any of the comments please contact the teacher directly. BULLANTS SOCKS Some students have been given a pair of Bullants football socks. We are trialing these socks as a part of the school uniform. We only have a limited number at this stage but if the feedback is positive from the school community then the socks will be available from the uniform shop. Watch this space! OTHER IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES;
Warrnambool College Arts Cup – 15th September 2.00pm start – School Hall 18th September – last day of term – 2.30pm finish
MESSAGES TO STUDENTS We ask that all families advice their students of the daily family arrangements/appointments prior to school. If you have plans of your child leaving the College during the day please enter this on Compass or send a note
with your child that morning. The child will give the note to their Tutorial teacher. This will then be recorded on Compass and the teacher in charge of your student at the time will be aware they
are leaving. Should an emergency arise we will do our best to get a message to your child though this is not always possible if
they are on a football oval or at a sporting event. We will certainly do our best.
term in Flagstaff involving many of our
Our Year 12 students only have a few weeks
until exams and final sacs are completed. It is a tough time however it will all pay off with a
good return in the end.
Flagstaff leadership profile for 2016 will fall into nominations shortly so those that are interested in
becoming or continuing down the path of student leadership, can then come and have a chat in
the house office with myself, Mr Hall or Miss Shamoail please . The profile for leadership will be similar
to 2015 so there are many opportunities for our leaders.
Last month our student leaders were involved in the Bunnings BBQ where we raised just under $900
which will go directly to the Australian Red Cross as out major fundraiser this year. Many thanks to
those that supported the day, both parent, staff and students. It was a massive day but great to
see lots involved.
In the midst of SACs and CATs being completed and reports being finalised and opened to parents
it is important that we recognise our students that have achieved some great results.
Our TOP Four student from Flagstaff that received the highest results are:
On Wednesday the 26th of August, the Flagstaff house organised an eventful lunch time of Uno
With over 50 students competing, the atmosphere was buzzing with direct rules set and 3 giveaway
prizes- 1st prize was a $15 canteen voucher and name engraved on the Uno Competition trophy,
2nd prize was a $5 canteen voucher, a jar of lollies and a a free Matilda ticket, 3rd prize was just a
$5 canteen voucher.
All students were well behaved and excited to participate. It was a great turn out and will definitely
be organised again next year! Winners have not yet been announced as there is still the last round
of winners to compete! Thank you Mr Payne for doing a wonderful job as Master of Ceremonies,
and thank you to Ms Bos and her tute (F1) for organising
such a great event!
At Warrnambool College we achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect
Page 3
Colin Payne
At Warrnambool College we achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect
Page 4
Term three is a quiet time for the Belfast student
leaders as we have only organised one event,
which was opening up the auditorium at lunchtime
and playing pop music on the big screen.
It was well attended and very popular so
we may look at this in the colder months next year.
We have had a change over of a few tutors this term in Belfast, with Adam Dowie taking an Acting
Assistant Principal at Cobden Tech and Rod Owen on Long Service Leave for weeks 1-4, and finally
Justin Vincent has been working as the Daily Organiser for the school and has had to drop his role as
a tutor. This has meant we have been able to welcome Rachel Jenkin (B1) and Kasey Owen (B2) for
this term. Dan Lee will also be on Long Service Leave for the final two weeks of this term, Rod Owen
and Zacc Struth will be taking over the House Leadership duties at this time.
Interim reports have been released on Compass this week. Congratulations to these students who
had an outstanding average of 3.9/4 or above. Alexandra Keen, Alyssa Johnstone, Amelie Gleeson,
Aylish Auchettl, Bailey Harris, Brandon Kiensrod, Chelsea Huismann, Chloe McKenzie, Claudia Sextus,
Declan Primmer, Eve Garner, Georgina Giblin, Grace Osullivan, Kate Ross, Lachlan Chapman, Lydia
Sharp, Madison Hoy, Natalie Wingrove, Nathan McTaggart, Molly Owen, Riley Owen, Nicola Bilson,
Phoebe Watson, Ruby Bilson, Sam Killeen, Sarah Forbes, Tara Elliott, Taylah Marino, Tori Stephens,
Xavier Szegi.
Good luck to all Belfast students auditioning for the Arts Cup at the moment. We are lucky to have
such a diversely populated group of students at Warrnambool College. And good luck to all students
participating in football and netball finals. It is great to see so many students having individual and
team success in the wider community.
Nominations for 2015 student leaders will be opening up at the end of this term. If you know a student
that is interested in working as part of a dynamic team and would like to work on organising major
events have strong teamwork and organisational skills this could be a great opportunity to improve
Daniel Lee
At Warrnambool College we achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect
Page 5
Come along to the Capitol Cinemas on Thursday 10th September for the opening night of the Maze Runner: The
Scorch Trials. Bring a group along to enjoy the movie and help raise funds in support of Logans house charity, the
Starlight Children’s Foundation, dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and
their families. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the Logans office and are $15 per ticket or $20 gets you
a small drink and popcorn as well.
Continuing with the charitable spirit, Logans year 7 boys Calum Tait and Alex Peach were part of a group of 6 to
hold a 24 hour gaming marathon held at our computer lab over the weekend. The boys sacrificed a night of
sleep, playing Minecraft on high rotation, all in the name of charity. This is the second ‘gamethon’ Calum has
organised now to raise money for Starlight. Calum was quoted in the Standard “I really believe children shouldn’t
spend their whole lives in a hospital so I wanted to help out.” Well done boys! A great initiative.
Some other Logans students who have been busy excelling this term are Grace Prigg and her team of debaters
who were the best out of 32 teams in the Warrnambool Debating Eisteddfod. Grace also was awarded best
debater overall. Tiffany Tracey has been incredibly busy with her involvement and achievement in numerous
areas including dance, vocal and musical Eisteddfod performances (on top of her involvement in the College’s
own musical production “Little Shop of Horrors”). Such talented performers and public speakers- congratulations
girls on your outstanding achievements!
While Logans house continues to be a strong representative in sporting and extracurricular activities, students
have been working hard in their classes with many earning fantastic results for their mid-term progress reports.
Great work to the following students who got perfect or near perfect reports:
Jamin Baulch, Eva Dixon, Tessa English, Mitchell Fary, Shanae Johnstone, Laura Keert, Nick King, Brittany Leach,
Greta Stromvall Obrien, Jake Turland, Isabella Watts, Sam Worden, Scarlett Hill, Harry Rooke, Ben Fary, Wren
Wood , Lolita Harrison, Katrina Van Someren, Gena Van Someren, Alex Droste, Laine Johnson, Siena Spencer
Chislett, Jesse Stow, Tiffany Tracey, Tiffany Hutchinson, Maggie Foggarty, Teagan Rix, Madeline Main, Sophie
Griffin, Phoebe Sloane, Sophie Weir, Mimi Dixon, Alissa Griffin
To continue moving ourselves forward we must reflect on our progress to date and seek advice for strategies to
improve. Time now to have some of those conversations with your parents and teachers this week at the
interviews, acknowledging your strengths and areas for improvement. Nil Sin Labore.
Megan Berry
Logan’s House Leader
As we draw closer to the end of another term it’s time
again to celebrate the growth and achievements of our
students and acknowledge some upcoming events.
Nominations for 2016 student leaders are now open. Do you have ideas for initiatives you want to see running at
your school? Are you interested in working collaboratively with peers and teachers to make changes that are
important to you? Can you inspire others or are you looking to gain skills in leadership? This is your chance to get
involved and be part of the student voice for Logans house. Listen out for more information on how to become
part of our next leadership group.
At Warrnambool College we achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect
Page 6
SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL YEAR 12 PARENTS / GUARDIANS Parents and students are reminded of the deadlines for making your application for admission into a TAFE or University course via a VTAC Application for 2016.
VTAC APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Wednesday 30 September 2015 (5:00 pm)
SEAS Applications Close: Tuesday 6 October 2015 (5:00 pm)
Scholarships via VTAC: Friday 16 October 2015 – (5 pm)
VCE results & ATAR via On-line: Monday 14 December 2015 – (7:00 am)
VTAC Change of Preferences Period: 23 November to 21 December 2015 (12.00 noon).
VTAC First Round Offers: On-line Monday 18 January 2016. 2:00 pm. (On-line / E-mail)
Remember: Students MUST pay the VTAC
Application Fee before VTAC will forward
your application to a tertiary institution.
We recommend you pay as soon as you
complete your application. Final Closing
Date to pay VTAC is 30 September 2015.
Failure to pay the VTAC Application Fee will
negate your application and Selection
Officers will not be able to consider you for a
However you are advised that students should complete your application by the end of Term 3 - Friday 18
September, so that if you have any difficulties making your application we can provide some assistance.
All students are strongly encouraged to make a VTAC
Application as it increases your career and employment
opportunities. Once your VTAC Application is made you are
able to concentrate on your final assessments and revisit
(change) your VTAC course preferences once the exams are
completed and you know your results.
Students should receive their ATAR Score and individual study
scores on Monday 14 December and will have until 21
December to change your VTAC Preferences if you wish.
Contact Peter Bollard is you have any questions.
Step 1: Complete the “VET Course Enrolment Application” for 2016
(Both Parent / Guardian and Student Must Sign)
Students and Parents need to be aware that the following steps must be completed before a student can
undertake a VET Class at South West TAFE in 2016.
Quite a number of students have chosen to do a VET Course in 2016, but did not complete the enrolment process
at school on the student / parent interview day. Those students / parents will now receive an enrolment pack in
the mail over the coming week. If the following tasks are not completed by the due dates, your daughter or sons
enrolment will not proceed and they will need to choose another subject for 2016.
At Warrnambool College we achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect
Page 7
Step 3: Pay the VET Service Fee as listed on the Invoice. (College General office)
Deposit due by September 11, 2015.
Final payment Due by December 4, 2015.
Please contact the Business Manager if you would like to organise a scheme of payment for these fees as
listed on the bottom of the invoice.
Step 4: Return the above Documents to the College General office before Friday September 11, 2015.
Step 3: Pay the VET Service Fee as listed on the Invoice. (College General office)
You will need to log on to the Internet and follow the steps carefully to create the USI No.
The School cannot enrol you with South West TAFE if you do not supply us with the USI No.
Failure to return the Enrolment Application, including the USI Nunber will mean we cannot
enrol your son or daughter in a VET course for 2016. They will be required to choose
another school subject !
Important Special Conditions for VET Classes:
VET Class Attendance: I must attend all scheduled VET classes. VET courses are competency
based and missing even 1 class may mean you cannot complete the unit of work. If I cannot
attend a VET class, I will contact South West TAFE or the RTO to indicate non-attendance.
Most VET Courses include working 1 week of the holidays – either Term 1 , or Term 2, or Term 3
Holiday breaks. Classes commence at 8:30 pm to 5:00 pm. If you are not willing to attend these
classes during holidays, it is not advisable to include a VET course in your program. Transport to
TAFE during the holidays is the student’s sole responsibility. Failure to attend during the holiday
break – will probably mean you cannot complete the certificate. You will add another year to the
course !
Transport to and from TAFE Institute: The College will arrange for Bus transport to South West TAFE –
Campus’s on Thursdays, leaving at 12:25 pm. If I require different arrangements , I will provide my
own transport.
VET Service Fees: I am responsible for paying the VET in Schools Service Fees by the due date or
enter into an agreement with the school prior to December 2015 to commence a payment
Additional Material Fees: I am responsible for paying all miscellaneous expenses arising from
attending VET courses. This means, I must pay for any uniform or special clothing, tools or utensils,
textbooks and other VET course requisites as specified by the VET Provider. See handout sheet.
Selection into a VET Class is NOT Automatic:
In addition you MUST be over 15 years of Age by the 1 March 2016.
At Warrnambool College we achieve success through persistence, resilience and mutual respect
Page 8
amount of $500 for a local organisation- Food Share. The
Food Share do an amazing job at continually supporting our
students at Warrnambool College. Working through 30+
diverse welfare agencies in schools and soup kitchens. The
food share provide over 38000kg of food to the needy in our
community from a diverse range of
sources. They reuse food from super-
markets and from food bank Vic, they
then package them into hampers and
distribute the goodies to agencies.
This year the student leaders delivered
the cheque to food share and had the opportunity to experience what food share
do on an everyday basis. They were astonished by the dedication and support that
food share do to ensure everyone is feed in the community.
Our next casual clothes day will not require students to donate a gold coin- BUT
instead to donate a…