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<p>Wall Murals and Paintings: All About Their HistoryBy all means, wall murals are the most stunning ideas to go with these days, in order to pep up the ambience of a home or office. Most of us believe that murals belong to the modern age and little do we know about its connection to ancient era. The art of creating murals has been around for centuries. Given below is a brief account of how wall paintings made their way into the world and how these have emerged as a vital part of our home dcor nowadays.History of Wall Murals:Mural, mainly originates from the Latin word Murus, which means wall. The mural art is a form of visual expression which is depicted on the walls. It is an ancient form of art which was used as a vent to express political and religious beliefs. Murals have taught us a lot about the ancient civilizations. Various archaeological findings that came to surface over the years have shown that murals were connected to the cultural beliefs of the people. These have a vital cultural connotation and valiantly convey the ethos of a civilization. Murals have always had the power to express situations, feelings and circumstances which could not be woven with the string of words. Most of these wall paintings took inspiration from dreams, stories and values that a society believed in. Prehistoric murals and cave paintings at Lascaux, France were the first-ever of its types. The civilizations of Egypt, Rome, Greece, India and Mesopotamia have contributed the most in bringing wall murals to the world. Political and Religious Connection to the History: When it comes to depicting political beliefs, the Mexican Mural movement was one of the most potent and momentous happenings in the realm of art which took place in the 20th century. This movement came into the picture after the Peoples Revolution and the Civil War. Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose Orozco were the high-flying artists associated with this upsurge. Talking about the religious side of these murals, in the 30th century B.C., the Egyptians created picturesque murals in their tombs and caves, Most of these created images of the Gods. Also, in India, Ajanta Caves are an excellent example from the history where murals were brought into play. These caves contain Buddhist relics in the form of murals. Christianity has also contributed immensely to the development of mural paintings. During the Italian Renaissance, noted artists like Giotto di Bondone created alluring biblical scenes on the walls of churches.Murals of Today:Today, murals are not just limited to churches and places of public gathering. They are being widely used in restaurants, offices and homes. Wallpaper murals have taken the realm of interior decoration by storm. Hand painted and machine-printed wall murals, both traditional and non-traditional can be found in the market these days. When it comes to refashioning the interiors, murals are a fabulous way to go. Whether you are looking for themes like religion, cityscape, floral, solar system or landscape murals for your home, youll readily find it at various online stores these days. If youve been looking for an ultimate pit stop for wall murals, dont forget to check out the official website of Mural Factory. It is one of the finest stores to turn to for availing customized murals and wall paintings these days. </p>