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<ul><li> 1. Roman Wall Paintings An exploration of the four styles Claudia Marchesi PhD Candidate University of Canberra April 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. Villa dei misteri 3. August Mau Geschichte der decorativen Wandmalerei in Pompeji. Reimer, Berlin 1882 Based on houses in Pompeii Problems: implies that innovation stopped in 79AD not discrete periods buon fresco 4. Before pompeii 5. Before pompeii Most surviving early wall painting is from tombs, such as the Macedonian tombs at Lefkadia More recent finds of domestic wall painting at Delos and Akrotiri Best known examples in Italy are from Etruscan tombs and the Tomb of the Diver at Paestum (Magna Graecia, c. 470 BC) 6. Tomb of the Diver, Paestum Above: painted sarcophagus lid Below: wall decoration 7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Domus_romana_Vector002.svg 8. The Samnit e House Herculaneum First style 9. also called incrustation 10. from 200 BC to 60 BC Architectural zones: Plinth Socle [Dado] Orthostats Isodomic courses Stringcourse Cornice The idea of faux-finishes is something that has persisted. 11. House of the Griffins, Palatine, Rome 12. Second style Fresco wall painting in a cubiculum (bedroom) from the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale, ca. 4030 B.C.; Late Republican 13. Second Style contd Fresco wall painting in a cubiculum (bedroom) from the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale, ca. 4030 B.C.; Late Republican 14. Villa of Livia at Prima Porta 15. Summary Second Style, Architectural, dates from about 60 BC to 20 BC and serves to open up the claustrophobic spaces of Roman houses. A distinctly realistic feel, using perspective. Illusions of windows and covered walkways looking onto imaginary scenes framed by columns. Objects of daily life depicted realistically, with items on shelves and tables appearing to project out of the wall. 16. Third style 17. ornate Illusion is rejected in favor of ornamentation. Largely monochromatic walls were often painted with a few pieces of architecture As time progressed, the style of wall paintings became even less architecturally realistic and more of a mixture of styles. 18. Villa of Poppaea, Torre Annunziata / Oplontis 19. Villa of Agrippa Postumus at Boscotrecase, the Black Room 20. Fourth style 21. Intricate The fourth style, Intricate, dates from around 20 AD to 79 AD. This style incorporates all the elements of the earlier styles. Fragments of architecture in illogical space Unlike the clarity of the third style galleries, fourth style rooms appear chaotic and filled to excess. They dont resemble any believable space, but instead consist of a variety of architectural elements arranged in an unrealistic manner with unrealistic perspective, set against a flat background, interspersed with panel pictures. 22. From Neros Domus Aurea 23. bibliography Diana Kleiner Lectures on Roman Architecture http://oyc.yale.edu/history-art/hsar-252/lecture-6 http://oyc.yale.edu/history-art/hsar-252/lecture-7 Maurice Owen (2010) The False - Door : dissolution and becoming in Roman wall-painting, http://creadm.solent.ac.uk/custom/rwpainting/cover/contentspage.html Nina Miller http://honorsaharchive.blogspot.com.au/2005/09/four-styles-of-roman- wall-paintings.html http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/painted-garden-villa-of-livia.html John R. Clarke (1991) The Houses of Roman Italy, 100 BCAD 250: Ritual Space and Decoration </p>