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Dave and Charlie's visit to the Berlin factory.


  • At the end of September, Charlie

    and I took a much anticipated trip

    to Berlin to visit Burmester.

    Both Charlie and I have visited

    several different factories, so we

    thought we knew what to expect

    from Burmester. Oh, how little we

    actually did know.

    Right from the start of the factory

    tour, we saw exactly what

    Burmester quality means. We

    have all heard about how they

    make their own screws and such,

    but the care taken in the manufac-

    turing process is nothing less than


    Each and every person involved

    in the daily procedure is an arti-

    san in every sense of the word.

    From the time the raw parts enter

    the factory, to when the finished

    product is shipped, the time and atten-

    tion to detail invested is on par with

    complex neurosurgery, let alone

    high-end audio manufacturing.

    With each area that we visited the first

    morning, I began to see what Udo and

    Ralf meant when they said, Its the

    Burmester Way. -Dave Adams

    The Burmester Visit

    Burmester believes in torture The picture (below-left) shows the torture testing that each

    item is subjected to for

    at least five days.

    These particular 911s

    were pushing, essen-

    tially, a dead short for

    120 hours. The amount of

    heat being generated

    was simply amazing.

    The drivers ( right) are

    also subjected to the

    same type of stress.

    They are then measured

    again and the frequency

    response is recorded so

    that each loudspeaker

    will have exactly match-

    ing drivers loaded into

    it. Another benefit is that any replacement driver ever needed

    will be a matched duplicate of the one being replaced.

    A Visit to Burmester A S L G RO U P

    Various loudspeakers being inspected

    A Burmester board being hand-filled

    Another Master-Craftsman at Burmester

    The power for the Burmester sauna

    A full excursion test

  • The attention to detail on all frontsbe it the component selection, the assembly, the redundant

    inspection process, or the meticulous documentation of all of the aforementionedwas evident

    from the moment Dave and I stepped into the stark-white entryway of the Berlin-based facility.

    Fresh off of a 12-hour commute, we were bright-eyed and ready for the tour of the factory. Not looking to the outside ob-

    server as bright-eyed as we thought, we were handed espressos and almost im-

    mediately met by Dieter Burmester himself. International Sales Manager Ralf

    Mannhardt then walked us through the product development department.

    Scores of color-coded files bearing the number of every model of Burmester

    component covered a wide swath of one wall. These files contained the research

    and development informationelectrical, mechanical, and operating codefor

    every product. A treasure-trove of carefully catalogued details that lead to the

    production of (insert favorite Burmester product here).

    -Charlie Krone

    But wait, theres more!

    Lets suppose that you are the owner of a 777a 31-year-old ampli-

    fierwhere, oh where might you find spare parts? A new front

    panel? A new input selector?

    It does not matter what unit you have. Burmester

    maintains a very costly inventory of original spare

    partscosmetic, mechanical, and electricalfor

    every product that they have ever produced.

    Everything can be fixed. Period.


    When Burmester does need to service a

    product, they can match every internal

    component and can be sure that the fre-

    quency response, noise floor, THD

    everythingis as close as possible to

    the state it was when it was first tested.

    When a Burmester unit is serviced, it is

    literally As Good As New. And they have

    the records to prove it.


    Service and Support

    I could go on about the layout and organization of every window-lit room of the

    building, but being Mr. Service and Support, I would like to focus on two aspects

    of Burmester that are tied closely together: quality assurance and customer ser-


    While I was being introduced to Uwe, my service trainer for the week, another

    technician had an 001 CD player hooked up to a computer for analysis. It was

    explained to me that the unit had just finished its five-day burn-in period, and

    was ready for final diagnostic testing before going to a listening room. Again,

    every step was documented. I was then led to The Archive. The Archive is a fire-

    proof room with the build record and test results for every serial number of

    every unit ever builtall the way back to Dieters very first 777 that he built in

    his flat (that 777, by the way, is on display in Burmesters museum).

    - Charlie

    Tested drivers awaiting a cabinet

    The 777

    Page 2 A Visit to Burmester

  • Enzo, I doubt we would get the same


    Simply put, it is the Burmester way.


    measured, re-measured, and then meas-

    ured again. Not to mention all of the docu-

    mentation for each and every step of pro-

    duction. Can we call

    Bugatti and ask for an

    exact acoustic match for

    the tweeters in our new

    Veyron 16.4 (of course

    we can, it is built by


    But, if we tried the same

    thing with a Ferrari

    If jewelry-like construction, hyper-

    meticulous quality assurance, the best

    sound in the business, and service and

    support that will make the product live

    longer than you do does not meet your

    standards, then you might need to

    consider a different luxury audio line.

    At least that is what I saw whilst walk-

    ing through the Burmester factory


    The Burmester Way Here at ASL we are lucky enough to

    do business with some of the best

    companies, making the best products

    in the world. There are times that, at

    least for me, I get a little spoiled since

    I am used to the job that Burmester

    does. It did take a trip to Berlin to jolt

    me back into the reality that they are

    the only company that takes the time

    and effort to insure the quality of the

    product to this extent.

    Not even your favorite super-car is

    Page 3

    A rack of crossovers waiting installation.

    Another shipment being packed.

    Charlie next to an early cross-over design Interior design of a local Burmester shop The usual suspects

  • Based in Indianapolis, IN, The ASL Group is proud of its thirty year history as one of the leading US distributors of high per-formance audio and audio/video products.

    Founded by Tony Gregory and the late Gary Warzin, the Company provides award-winning sales, service, and sup-

    port to a specialist dealer network accustomed to presenting products from a select group of interna-tionally recognized manufacturers.

    ASL Group

    in my life, but I can not remember


    Many of the city streets were closed off

    because the Berlin Marathon was taking

    place on Sunday. During our long trek

    across Berlin Mitte, we were able to

    witness some of the last marathon par-

    ticipants crossing the line at The Bran-

    denburg Gate. It was actually quite a

    stirring sight to behold since it was dur-

    ing my lifetime that the Berlin Wall fell.

    Another very interesting trip was to visit

    different retail establishments that carry

    the Burmester line. Several of those

    shops were much like any other spe-

    cialty shop in the US. The biggest differ-

    ence came when Ralf showed us the

    Saturn store. This was essentially like a

    We were lucky to enough accomplish

    everything on the agenda by late Sat-

    urday evening, so we had Sunday to

    stroll throughout the city. By stroll, I

    do mean walk from one side of Berlin

    to the other. I can imagine that I have

    walked further than that at some point

    Frys or Best Buy, but at least ten times


    The last stop of the day was to see the

    Bugatti Veyron. 1001 Horsepower, 253

    mph, with a Burmester stereo. What more

    could I possibly say.


    A Walk Around Berlin.

    8709 Castle Park Drive Indianapolis, IN 46256

    Phone: 317-841-4100 Fax: 317-841-4107 E-mail: E-mail:

    Were on the web

    2008 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

    Top floor apartment being used by the local Burmester dealer.

    The Siegessule

    The Burmester VisitBurmester believes in tortureA Visit to BurmesterASL GroupDetails...Service and SupportPage #A Visit to BurmesterThe Burmester WayPage #ASL GroupA Walk Around Berlin.

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