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  • EverSHORE Vinyl Fence Collection

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  • EverSHORE Vinyl Fence Collection

    EverSHORE™ is the prime substitute for wood fencing, giving you the natural look of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl. EverSHORE fencing is 100% vinyl -- never needs painting! And, you never have to worry about cracking, peeling, splinters, or rotting. Shoreline Vinyl Systems, Inc. proudly introduces its first EverSHORE color -- Mocha Walnut with ACCU-Shield™.

    ACCU-Shield is the technology that protects EverSHORE from the elements of nature. After years of research and development, ACCU-Shield is the only finish that Shoreline’s team would accept, and is also the reason Shoreline can stand behind EverSHORE’s limited lifetime warranty.

    Shoreline’s EverSHORE privacy panels are double-reinforced

    with aluminum in both top and bottom rails. A variety of privacy, semi-privacy, and picket fence styles are available to choose from, as shown on the next page. Gates are available in 3-foot

    The natural look of wood with the low maintenance benefits of vinyl

    Talbot Wicomico*Prince George

    and 4-foot wide leaves. Privacy panel options include choice of three accent tops, as shown and described below. Semi-privacy panels have approximately ¾-inch air-space between pickets.

    Engineered to handle extreme climate conditions and provide superior installation performance, your EverSHORE fence will continue to enhance your property and provide you with low- maintenance beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

    © 2012 Shoreline Vinyl Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. EverSHORE and the EverSHORE logo are trademarks of Shoreline Vinyl Systems, Inc.

    accent top with 13/8” x 13/8” square pickets

    accent top with either 1” privacy lattice (as shown)

    or 2¾” traditional lattice

    accent top with black ¾” round aluminum pickets

  • Dorchester Kentmor

    Caroline* Talbot* Wicomico*Prince George*



    St. Claire

    Potomac Courtyard Easton

    Tuckahoe Severn Lancaster

    The natural look of wood with the low maintenance benefits of vinyl


    * OPTIONAL: The Caroline, Talbot, Prince George, and Wicomico styles are available with optional 2” x 7” Pocket Rails upgrade.

  • EverSHORE Vinyl Fence Collection

    1¾” x 5½” Pocket Rail

    ⁷⁄₈” x 6” Tongue & Groove Picket

    2” x 7” Pocket Rail

    2” x 7” Pocket Rail

    1¾” x 5½” Pocket Rail

    1¾” x 5½” Pocket Mid-Rail

    4” x 4” and

    5” x 5” Posts with Optional

    Aluminum Inserts

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    1³ ⁄₈”

    x 1

    ³⁄₈ ”

    Pi ck


    ⁷⁄₈ ”

    x 3”

    P ic

    ke t

    Showing how notched rails fit into routed posts and notched pickets fit into routed rails for assembly.

    5” x 5” and 4” x 4” Horse Post Caps*

    3” Dog Dear Picket Cap*2½” x 3” Rail

    * As of publication date, only these Post Caps and Picket Caps are available.  Other options may be available in the future.

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