Vblock and VxBlock Systems: Technical Deep Dive Brian ... and VxBlock Systems: Technical Deep Dive Brian Cherry Block Development, Engineered Systems Development

Download Vblock and VxBlock Systems: Technical Deep Dive Brian ...  and VxBlock Systems: Technical Deep Dive Brian Cherry Block Development, Engineered Systems Development

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Vblock and VxBlock Systems: Technical Deep DiveBrian CherryBlock Development, Engineered Systems Development Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.2Key takeaways Current state of converged infrastructure New stuff in the Block Where do we go from here Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.3Agenda Introduction Whats new Core components New management options Questions & Answers - Please hold all questions until the end of the session. Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.4Engineered solutionCentrally manufacturedPre-configuredSingle-call supportInteroperability focusedWhy converged? Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.5VxBlock System 540 and VblockSystem 540XtremIOsuperb efficiencyVxBlock System340/350 andVblock System 340/350VNX Unity All Flashmidrange scaleVxBlock System 740 and VblockSystem740VMAX All-Flashmassive scaleVxBlock System 240 and VblockSystem 240VNX5200small scale Dell EMC ConvergedTechnology Extensionsstorage or expansion compute modulesVxBlock and Vblock Systems portfolio Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.66FlexibleScalableFuture proofArchitectural considerationsWhats new? Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.8Whats changed in the past 12 months? New servers and compute infrastructure New network devices New storage arraysCore components Network capabilities Platform changesNew features Scalable AMPNew management optionsCore Component Updates Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.10Core component changes Broadwell-based Blade Servers & Rack Mount Servers New UCS Fabric Interconnect and Fabric ExtenderCompute Updated SAN switches New top-of-rack switchesNetwork VMAX3 All-Flash arrays Unity arrays New Isilon nodesStorage Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.11Now supporting Intel Broadwell CPUs on all available UCS servers Intel v4 processor models available across all supported Cisco UCS servers Can include 24 cores and 60MB of cache per processor Support for 2400 MHz RDIMMs or LRDIMMs B-Series UCS B200 M4 UCS B420 M4 UCS B260/460 M4 C-Series UCS C220 M4 UCS C240 M4 Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.12 Support for 40Gbps Ethernet and 16Gbps FC connections Up to 480Gbps total ToR connectivity and 512Gbps total SAN connectivity Not a direct replacement for the 6200 series Fabric Interconnect Available as an option on the VxBlock 540 platformNow supporting UCS 3rd-generation FI and IOM Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.13Updated networking LAN Nexus 93180YC-EX 48 10/25G SFP28 interfaces 6 40/100G QSFP28 interfaces SAN MDS 9396S 96 4/8/16G FC interfaces Built on MDS 97XX architecture Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.14New storage arrays VMAX3 AFA into VxBlock 740 VMAX 250F/FX VMAX 450F/FX VMAX 850F/FX Unity Arrays into the VxBlock 350 300 & 300F 400 & 400F 500 & 500F 600 & 600F Isilon updates S210 X210 NL410 HD400New Features Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.16New features Unity integrations: V(x)Block 350 & Storage Technology Extension VMAX AFA integrations: V(x)Block 740 and Storage Technology Extension V(x)Block 540 with 40G Platform expansion Engineered NSX implementations within VxBlock Updated connectivity models for extensionsEnhancednetworking Updated hardware Updated feature setsEnhanced data protection Full engineered solutions for additional arraysStorage technology extensions Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.17Vblock 350 and VxBlock 350 Includes the new Dell EMC Unity storage array Support for All-Flash or hybrid arrays Supports up to 256 VMware hosts per Vblock & VxBlock System Supports up to 4 UCS domains per Vblock & VxBlock System Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.18Vblock 340 and Vblock 350 comparisonSystem Storage Array FamilyMaximum number of supported hostsMaximum number of supported UCS domainsAFA SupportMax Front-end IO Ports (per SP)Vblock & VxBlock 340Dell EMC VNX 128 1 No 24 x 8GbpsVblock & VxBlock 350Dell EMC Unity 256 4 Yes 10 x 16Gbps Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.191 to 4 V-Bricks1.5M IOPSRRH-8K8TB cache960 2.5 drives2PBe capacity96 FC4 eNAS DM1 to 8 V-Bricks4M IOPSRRH-8K16TB cache1,920 2.5 drives4PBe capacity192 FC8 eNAS DM1 to 2 V-Bricks1.0M IOPSRRH-8K4TB cache100 2.5 drives1PBe capacity48 FC4 eNAS DMVMAX 450F(X) VMAX 850F(X)VMAX 250F(X)Vblock and VxBlock System 740 All-FlashTrue mission-critical storage with enterprise data services Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.20VMAX 9-bay 800TB usableVMAX All-Flash single bay*Results based on Sizer configuration analysis of 9-bay VMAX 20K compared to VMAX 450F with similar usable capacity40% Lower TCO92% Less footprint87% Less energy6X More performance98%Fewer drivereplacementsVblock System 720 to Vblock System 740 efficiencies Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.21Vblock System and VxBlock System 740 practicesStandard configuration rulesFront-end connectivity Four FA ports per port group Select least-used resources (engines, directors, modules, ports) Select four directors on as many engines as possible Balance fabric usage per director Alternate between odd and even ports on a director Balance module usage per director Alternate between the two modules on a directorBasic configuration rules All engines configured with the same cache Minimum of two 16Gb FC modules per director All FA ports should be cabled by default eMGMT is required Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.22VxBlock System 540 with 40GbECombination of UCS G3 and V(x)block 540 Provides 40Gbps Ethernet and 16Gbps FC Provides up to 480Gbps total ToR connectivity Provides up to 512Gbps total SAN connectivity Includes 2 x UCS 6332-16UP Fabric Interconnects 2 x Nexus 9332PQ TOR switches 1-8 Xbrick XtremIO array Scalable AMP (AMP-2S) Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.23SDN offeringsVMware NSX VMware NSX is a virtual networking and security software product family created from VMware's vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) and Nicira Network Virtualization Platform (NVP) intellectual property. NSX enables the creation of entire networks (switching, routing and firewalls) in software and embeds them in the hypervisor layer, abstracted from the underlying physical hardware. http://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/definition/networkinghttp://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/securityhttp://searchsdn.techtarget.com/definition/Nicira-Network-Virtualization-Platform-Nicira-NVP Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.24SDN offeringsNSX on VXBLOCK Dedicated edge gateways Minimum 4 and a maximum 8 Edge Service Gateway VMs for redundant, ECMP, external connectivity Rack mount & blade-based offerings Edge Service Gateway Topology C-series ESG deployments utilize 1-2 Intel X520 cards for ESG connectivity to ToR switch connectivity B-series blade deployments utilize 2 Cisco VIC 1340 and 1380 for VXLAN offloading capabilities for ToR connectivity Layer 3 eBGP connectivity to Cisco Nexus 9K ToR switches from ESGs iBGP between ESG-to-DLR Two Distributed Logical Router VMs for logical routing and switching within NSX environment Active/Active east-to-west traffic within/behind the NSX VTEPs Deployed on dedicated hosts one per host Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.25New options for Isilon Technology ExtensionsFull support for smaller infrastructure IB switchesReduced Isiloninfrastructure footprintNew TOR: Nexus 93180YC-EXDirect: Directly to VxBlock switchesIsilon connectivity Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.26Isilon enhancements New Isilon nodes S210 X210 NL410 HD400 Connectivity Infrastructure Two 10GbE connections per node to ToR Nexus switch for host connectivity. Two InfiniBand connections per node to IB switch for inter-cluster connectivity. No 1GbE connections are used in the Isilon offering. Integration into VxBlock : Direct connect from node to VxBlock TOR Dedicated pair of TORs connected to VxBlock TOR Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.27Integrated data protection solutions Avamar Support of Virtual Edition and Gen 4T hardware Data Domain Support of new hardware: Data Domain DD6300, DD6800, DD9300 and DD9800 Support of new features: Cloud Tier, Metadata on Flash Introduction of support for NetWorker 9.0 Introduction of support for ProtectPoint for VMAX3 and VMAX AF arrays RecoverPoint Support for RecoverPoint Gen 6 RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines Introduction of support for RP4VM for all block and rack products VPLEX Support of new hardware VPLEX VS6 Repositioning current hardware - VPLEX VS2 Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.28Extending use cases with storage extensionsBACKUP/ ARCHIVINGFINANCIAL SERVICES APPLICATIONSENTERPRISE SUITESDATABASEPACKAGED APPLICATIONSDATA WAREHOUSINGTECHNOLOGY EXTENSIONSVMAX3 AFAUnity Platform Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.29 RCM tested Built per VxBlock array standards Use for new use cases, expansion, or upgrade VMAX3/AFA Unity XtremIO IsilonStorage Technology Extensions Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.30It is recommended to not share different storage devices with the same ESXi hosts.ESXi 5.5 setting VNX / Unity / VMAXXtremIOAdapter Policy IO Throttle Count (vhba)256 1024fnic_max_qdepth 32 128Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding32 256Disk.SchedQuantum 8 64Disk.DiskMaxIOSize 32MB 4MBXCOPY 16MB 256KBESXi 5.5 setting Mixed with VNX, Unity, or VMAXMixed with XtremIOAdapter policy i/o throttle count (vhba)256 256fnic_max_qdepth 32 32Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding32 32Disk.SchedQuantum 8 8Disk.DiskMaxIOSize 32MB 4MBXCOPY 16MB 4MBESXi 6.0 setting VNX / Unity VMAX XtremIOXCOPY 16MB 240MB 256KBESXi 6.0 VAAI claim rules Allow XCOPY to by set for VMAX higher than VAAI primitives allow.ESXi 6.0 settingMixed with VNX, Unity, or VMAXVNX or Unity with XtremIOVMAX with XtremIOXCOPY VNX / Unity: 16MBVMAX: 240MB4MB XtremIO:256KBVMAX: 240MBMixed arraysBase configuration informationNew Management Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.32New management options 3-12 servers Manage a single or multiple VblocksScalable AMP Deployment of IPv6 within VxBlocksIPV6 Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.33Cisco UCS C220 M4 SFF2X2.40 GHz E5-2630v3/85W 8C/20MB cache2X(64GB) SD card module for C220 servers8X(16GB) DDR4-2133-MHz RDIMM/PC4-17000/dual rankCisco UCS VIC1227 VIC MLOM - dual port 10Gb SFP+Intel X540 dual port 10GBase-T AdapterIntel X540 Dual Port Power Supply Power SupplymLOM VIC 1227 USBManagement 0Serial1GB LANDefault server quantity is 3Scale up to 12 serversDefault RAM is 128GBRAM can be increased to 384GB per serverDefault storage is 8TB usable Platform supports VNXe product limitsAMP-2S 2 through 12 servers configurationsDefault 128GB RAM on servers and default 8TB storage using iSCSI Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.34IPv6 support Supports dual-mode transition strategy Supports VxBlock System 350, VxBlock System 540, VxBlock System 740 Some system components support only IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, no dual mode For IPv6 systems, these components are configured for IPv6 in factory IPv6 addressing is not supported for Vision software NSX softwareWhere are we going Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.36Upcoming releases New switch options VMAX 950F(X) integration into VxBlock 740 Unity 3/4/5/650F integration into VxBlock 350 Isilon Gen6 for Storage Tech Extensions Improved automation and orchestrationQuestions Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.38Realize your next stepsCome visit us in the Solution Expo at the Converged Platforms and Solution at booth #872Vblock & VxBlock Systems: Technical deep dive Monday 12 pm Wednesday 3 pmVscale: Real-world deployments of next-gen data center architecture Monday 1:30 pmVxBlock Systems: Overview of the industry-leading CI solutions and future directions.Tuesday 3 pm Thursday 8:30 amWhat you need to know on database licensing for CI & HCI Tuesday 12 pm Thursday 10 amSAP HANA made simple with validated solutions & converged systems Wednesday 1:30 pmCI & HCI: Factory-integrated data protection for simplicity & lifecycle assurance Thursday 10 amEngage with SMEs See demos Participate in presentations Win prizes Have funVblock and VxBlock Systems: Technical Deep DiveBrian CherryBlock Development, Engineered Systems DevelopmentKey takeawaysAgendaWhy converged?VxBlock and Vblock Systems portfolioArchitectural considerationsWhats new?Whats changed in the past 12 months?Core Component UpdatesCore component changesNow supporting Intel Broadwell CPUs on all available UCS serversNow supporting UCS 3rd-generation FI and IOMUpdated networkingNew storage arraysNew FeaturesNew featuresVblock 350 and VxBlock 350Vblock 340 and Vblock 350 comparisonVblock and VxBlock System 740 All-FlashVblock System 720 to Vblock System 740 efficiencies Vblock System and VxBlock System 740 practicesVxBlock System 540 with 40GbESDN offeringsSDN offeringsNew options for Isilon Technology ExtensionsIsilon enhancementsIntegrated data protection solutionsExtending use cases with storage extensionsStorage Technology ExtensionsMixed arraysNew ManagementNew management optionsAMP-2S 2 through 12 servers configurationsIPv6 supportWhere are we goingUpcoming releasesQuestionsRealize your next stepsSlide Number 39


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