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    CSAT Test-1

    Syllabus for CSAT Test-1 to be held on 15

    th February 2015


    Number System


    Profit and Loss

    Time and Work



    Number Series

    Coding Decoding

    Character Puzzle

    Number Ranking

    Blood Relations


    Speed , Time and Distance

    Average, Distance and Direction, Problems on numbers

    Venn Diagram



    Arithmetical Reasoning


    Reading Comprehension

    Sentence Completion


    Conditional Syllogism

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    Prelim Test Series (2015) CSAT Test 1 (15-02-2015)


    CSAT Test-1 held on 15th


    Q. Ans. Explanation

    1 A The focus of the author is towards advocating the utility of narrative literature over traditional ethical training methods-hence A. Option B is wrong because the second paragraph states that traditional training is valuable-it may not contribute much to ethical development but cannot be said to impair students sensitivity. Option C is wrong because it cannot be ascertained whether such training is becoming increasingly popular. Option D is wrong because the last paragraph states that all moral principles do not have to be relinquished.

    2 C Statement 1 follows from the author stating that one must be able to adopt others points of view and engage with the story not as ones own. Statement 2 is wrong because the author does not mention a need to align with one side or another. Statement 3 is directly stated in the last sentence of the third paragraph.

    3 D Statement 1 is wrong because it cannot be ascertained whether heavy coursework prevents

    students from giving adequate emphasis to medical ethics. Statement 3 is wrong because the author states that abstract, philosophical training is valuable; also, he speaks about supplementing, not replacing such training.

    4 D Refer to the last sentence of the second paragraph- this is a shortcoming of traditional approaches and is overcome by using narrative literature.

    5 C Statement 1 is wrong because the author does not give any such suggestions that are addressed to medical schools. Statement 2 is wrong because the author does not say that current methods are counterproductive- he merely states that they have limitations that can be overcome by supplementing them with narrative literature.

    6 B An Indian is known by his nationality, rather than his religion-hence, Statement 1 is wrong. Indians have adopted new cultures but it cannot be established if it was easy or difficult to do so.

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    Prelim Test Series (2015) CSAT Test 1 (15-02-2015)


    The last three sentences support the notion that regardless of their religion, Indians are considered as belonging to one common national identity-hence, Statement 3 is correct.

    7 C Statement 1 contradicts the very first sentence of the passage and is hence wrong. Statement 2 follows from the second-last sentence. Statement 3 is supported by the fact that modern developments produce uniformity and that the idea of a modern nation has more importance now.

    8 D

    9 B Y-x = 490 Y = 490 + x ........(i) 17x + 10 = Y.......(ii) So 17x + 10 = 490 + x 16x = 480 X = 30

    10 C L.C.M. of 6, 8, 10 is 120 seconds = 2mins = 120 mins 2 mins = 60 times

    11 D Y = 55x + 29 So on dividing 55x + 29 by 11 we will always get 7 as remainder. Alternate solution Let number is 84(on dividing by 55 gives remainder 29), if we will divide 84 by 11 we will get 7 as remainder.

    12 C 30 10 +30 (10)

    100 % =


    13 C ....


    = 2520

    20100% = 25%

    14 C 1st Jan 2007 Saturday. 1st Jan 2012 Friday ( From 2007 to 2012 gap of 5 years with one leap year means 6 odd days) The 31st December 2011 would be Thursday.

    15 B Pattern is: 6 2 = 12 12 3 = 36 36 4 = 144 144 5 = 720 720 6 = 4320

    16 D In 1st view face no. 6 is having 1 adjacent to it and in 2nd view 5 and 3 are adjacent to 6 so with elimination technique 2 is the answer.

    17 D The use of the word always makes the Statement 1 incorrect while the use of the word must makes Statement 4 incorrect. Statements 2 and 3 cannot be ascertained from the passage.

    18 C Option A is wrong because the author does not provide any examples. Option B is wrong because the author does not accuse employers; in fact, he even explains how employer provided group insurance plans benefit some consumers. Option D is wrong because the causes of adverse selection are explained in

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    Prelim Test Series (2015) CSAT Test 1 (15-02-2015)


    the first paragraph. The author mentions greed and discrimination to point out an alternate explanation for the same result. Option C is correct because some people believe that greed and discrimination are the reason behind elderly people facing difficulties in obtaining fairly priced insurance.. The author disputes this belief by stating that such people are ignoring the reality of adverse selection.

    19 B Option A is wrong because the author does not advocate on behalf of consumers, but explains a situation faced by both consumers and insurance companies. Option C is wrong because it cannot be ascertained if the information presented is recently discovered. Option D is wrong because the passage does not assert that the situation discussed is morally wrong"; rather, it just explains why the situation occurs. Option B is correct because the first paragraph defines adverse selection and explains that the situation is considered a market failure; the second paragraph explains how adverse selection affects one segment of the population.

    20 D Statement 1 is correct but the others are not. Statement 1 is correct

    because the author explains that healthy consumers incur lower-than-average health-care costs, while consumers in poor health incur higher-than-average costs. Statement 2 is wrong because the passage does not compare the cost of health-care for full-time workers with that for any other segment of the population. Statement 3 is wrong because although the passage mentions that some consumers have difficulty finding fairly priced insurance, the passage does not assert that the cost of health-care itself is unfair. Statements 4 and 5 are not mentioned in or supported by the passage.

    21 A Option B emphasizes only damage to the atmosphere; the passage encompasses more than that. Option C does not mention the atmosphere, which is the main focus of the passage. Option D is wrong because the atmosphere is an important but one example of the complex events that keeps the earth alive.

    22 B The biosphere, as defined in the first paragraph, is a region (or part) of the earth; it is not the envelope around the earth, the living things on Earth, or the circulation of the

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    Prelim Test Series (2015) CSAT Test 1 (15-02-2015)



    23 D All the statements are factually correct and directly stated in the passage. But only Statement 4 answers the question that is being asked- it explains that explains that conditions would be inhospitable at the equator and poles without the circulation of the atmosphere.

    24 B The second paragraph describes how variations in the strength with which solar radiation strikes the earth affects temperature. None of the other statements is discussed in terms of all temperature changes on Earth.

    25 D There is no mention in the first paragraph of any reviving or cleansing effect the atmosphere may have. However, the first two sentences mention how the atmosphere protects the earth from harmful forces, hence supporting Statement 1.

    26 B L.C.M. of 5, 6, 8 and 9 is 360. 707 + X = 360K So smallest possible number is 13.

    27 D H.C.F. of 29.7 and 36.3 is 3.3 meters.

    28 B From 10th Dec to 10th Feb we are having 6 odd days and from 10th Feb to 12th Feb 2 more odd days so total 8 odd days means 1 complete week and 1 odd day. So answer is Monday

    +1 = Tuesday.

    29 B

    13+Parmod+4+Ghanshyam+ 5= 24.

    30 A Series of squares and only 64 out of above numbers is cube as well)

    31 A

    32 D Manjeet -2 Is -9 An -6 IAS-8 Scoring- 5 Female- 3 Exam/Difficult- 4/7

    33 C First figure:

    24 + 36 + 20 + 44 = 31 4 Similarly second figure is = 27 + 25 + 20 + 8 = 20 4

    34 D

    35 A Let third number is 100 Then first and second number will be 80 and 50 respectively 80

    50 100% = 80 is 160%

    of 50

    36 B B

    37 D D

    38 C Statement 1 will hold true only when there is danger or inward strife. Statement 2 is wrong because the absence of leaders is offset by unison among the people- it does not necessarily have an impact on the development of political democracy. Statement 3 is correct

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    Prelim Test Series (2015) CSAT Test 1 (15-02-2015)


    because in the absence of personal eminence, the people display an intelligent readiness to lend a hand and to work in unison. Hence C.

    39 A A primitive social democracy is itself a representative democracy, hence Statement 3 is wrong. There is no mention of a constitutional democracy, hence Statement 4 is wrong.

    40 B Statement 1 is wrong because the need to avoid internal strife leads to a rudimentary monarchy-only when the leaders in such a system seem lacking in genuineness or representativeness does a political democracy emerge. Hence, only Statement 2 is cor