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Instrument guide Fluxes: CSAT CSAT + Li7500 CSAT + KH20. Update 17/06/2011 Simone Kotthaus Previous version: 11/07/2010 15/12/2010. General Information. Raw data on I drive, all other on dataBridge01 (A drive on Otago ) Intermediate results and plots are stored on A:/works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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LoggerNet settings6backCSAT (green)Power for CSAT (red)Ground for CSAT (clear/black)Power for KH20 (red)KH20 (green)KH20 (red)CSAT (white)KH20 (white/clear)G12 V CSAT (brown)KH20 (black)SDM-C1SDM-C2SDM-C3H20LGGround KH20 (black)

1) Sonic anemometer: CSAT32) Infrared gas analyser: KH202211KSK mastwire extensionBUT currently:No gas analyser in operation!backCSAT (green)LI-7500 (green)LI-7500 (red)LI-7500 (yellow)Power for CSAT (red)Ground for CSAT (blue)CSAT (white)G12 V G12 V CSAT (brown)SDM-C1SDM-C2SDM-C3LI-7500 (blue)CSAT (black)(blue)(brown)(grey)Cable extension for LICOR(signal conversion)

WXT510CSAT3LiCor7500Sky sensorsCNR1(black)(red)Separate power supplyfor LI-7500, connected to Logger power supply-+KSS towerLinux Scheduled Task = cronjobCrontab = list of current cronjobs

To display current crontab, type crontab -l which should result in: SHELL=/bin/bashPATH=/etc:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/binHOME=/home/simon25 2 * * * /home/simon/Roof/ECFluxes/FLUX_V9.sh1 5 * * * /home/simon/Roof/ECFluxes/

To make changes, edit crontab with crontab -e.minute past the hourhour of the daylocation/name of cronjobevery day of weekevery monthevery needs the following input:Working directories: A:/works/yyyy/London/Level_1/ECFluxes/Ecpack/site/MM/A:/works/yyyy/London/Level_2/ECFluxes/Ecpack/site/MM/A:/works/yyyy/London/Level_3/ECFluxes/Ecpack/site/MM/Daily data files: siteCSAT_yyDOY.ncCalibration files CSAT_London_site_yyDOY.qq, H2O_London_site_yyDOY.qqTime and reference data information: ectimes_30_yyDOY.txtPlanar fit boundaries planint_yyDOY.datControl files are stored under /home/simon/ECFluxes/Ecpackecconf_London_CSAT or ecconf_London_CSAT_Li7500 or ecconf_London_CSAT_KH20 is used according to instrument setting, these files also specify which sec_London.dat is neededPerform after PF:standard reference frame for sonic measurementsCoordinate SystemPlanar Fit Method (Wilczak et al. 2001)Planar least squares fit applied to collection of run mean horizontal & vertical velocities to find b-constants.Use boundaries of min. 24h to include different wind directionsAssumption of stationary instrument position

Double Coordinate Rotation (Kaimal and Finnigan 1994)Yaw-correction: fix z-axes

Pitch-correction: fix y-axes

Strong winds can result in unreasonable tilt angles, hence not advisable

9Speed of sound depends temperature and humidity

Correct covariance Correction of sonic temperature for humidity (Schotanus et al. 1983)

Fluctuations in air density contribute to non-zero vertical velocities

Ad Webb-term for turbulent fluxesWPL-correction (Webb et al. 1980)

limited frequency response of sensorsaveraging over path rather than taking a point valueseparation between sensors for different quantitiescompare measured spectra with theoretical spectraCorrection for frequency losses (Moore 1986, Horst 1999)10Settings: sensor positionsExample - EC_orientation.csvSitezszdzpcsatSNdegCSATirgaTypeirgaSNdegIRGAdrcnIRGAsepsepXsepYbeginendKSK48.11929.10192-2175175H-09951753551818020080012009274KSK48.11929.11188-11900NANANANANANA20092752010238KSK48.11929.11188-124021122220301512520102382015001KSS59.61937.60192-2260175H-0995260801414020092742015001zs = sensor height, zd = displacement height, zp = z = zs zdbegin, end = YYYYDOYcsatSN = CSAT3 serial number, irgaSN = serial number of gas analyserirgaType = type of infrared gas analyser, 0=none, 1=Li7500, 2=KH20

degCSAT= degree CSAT head towards NdegIRGA= degree KH20 or Li7500 towards NdrcnIRGA= direction from CSAT3 towards IRGA = sitting in CSAT volume looking towards IRGA volume as degree from northsep = separation from CSAT volume to IRGA volume in cmsepX= separation from CSAT volume to IRGA volume, x component referring to CSAT3 right hand side coordinate systemsepY= separation from CSAT volume to IRGA volume, y component

NTroubleshootThe most common failure is caused by an interference between hourly split and WXT-programme:An hourly file is a) not or b) just partly (first 6 minutes) transferred from D:\CR3000_outdata\ to I:\Data\London\$site\YYYY\CSAT_Hrly\MM\Procedure:Compare data availability in both directoriesa) Copy file from D:\... To I:\... b) open hourly file in both directories and append data from D:\... to the file in I:\...Login on Data02 via puttyGo to script path cd /home/micromet/Roofprograms/ECFluxes/ Rerun the scheduled task ./FLUX_V9.shIf you want to rerun the process for a day other that yesterday, run./ NWith N = number of days before today (e.g. Day before yesterday would be N=2)