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You have a Twitter account but now what do you do? What do you tweet about? How do you tweet and get your followers to visit your store?


<ul><li>1.Using Twitter To Bring Traffic To Your Websites<br />Brought to you by:<br />@ShawnaFennell<br /></li></ul> <p>2.<br />3. WHAT AM I DOING NOW?<br />Help people create online stores using Yahoo<br />Yahoo! Small Business Partner<br />Speaker <br />Host of Ecom Experts<br />Author<br />Mommy<br /><br />4. WHAT IS TWITTER?<br /><br />5. #1 Word Used In 2009?<br />Twitter<br />#2 Obama<br />2008 Winner - Change<br /><br />6. Holidays With Social Media<br />60% Will use social media tofind coupons and sales<br />53% Research Gift Ideas<br />52% Check the gift wish lists of friends &amp; families<br /><br />Source: Emarketer http://<br />7. Checking Twitter Everywhere<br /><br />Source: Emarketer<br />8. TWITTER FOR BUSINESS<br />Connect with your customers<br />Build customer loyalty<br />Increase brand awareness<br />Increase sales<br />Drive HUGE Amounts of Traffic<br /><br />9. There is a Catch<br /><br />10. CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS<br /><br />11. BUILD LOYALTY<br /><br />12. BUILD BRAND<br /><br />13. BUILD TRAFFIC<br /><br />14. INCREASE SALES<br /><br />15. FOLLOW THE LEADER<br /><br />16. INVITATION<br /><br />17. TRANSPARENCY<br /><br />18. FUNNY<br /><br />19. OH MY!<br /><br />20. Bring On The Twitter Traffic!<br />Set Up The Right Way<br /><br />21. 1 CHOICE BRAND<br /><br />22. SHAWNA BRAND<br /><br />23. BIO<br />Give people a reason to follow you<br />Use keywords<br />Sell yourself But not too hard<br />Be REAL<br /><br />24. PICTURE<br />We want to do business with real people<br />Images speak volumes<br />Do not leave the default image<br />Be REAL<br /><br />25. DESIGN<br />Change the default<br />Look for Free Twitter Backgrounds<br />Search twitter background template<br /> Great Resource<br /><br />26. MONITOR SIZE / RESOLUTION<br />800X600<br /><br />27. MONITOR SIZE / RESOLUTION<br />1024x768<br /><br />28. MONITOR SIZE / RESOLUTION<br />1280x1024<br /><br />29. MONITOR SIZE / RESOLUTION<br />1600x1200<br /><br />30. WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER?<br /><br />31. Bring On The Twitter Traffic!<br />Time For Tweeting<br /><br />32. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?<br />Link to blogs you read<br />Provide great quotes<br />Offer Coupons<br />Ask Questions<br />Hold contests<br /><br />33. Twitter Is Like Dating<br /><br />34. BE ENGAGING<br />What one thing do you want to accomplish today? This week? <br />If you could do anything, what would it be? <br />What's your best tip for (?your business?)?<br />What trick would you love to teach your pet? <br />What is your dog thinking?<br /><br />35. RETWEET OFTEN!!<br />Gain new followers<br />Get some RT love<br />Pass on GREAT information<br /><br />36. Bring On The Twitter Traffic!<br />GIMME TOOLS!!<br /><br />37. TWITTER TOOLS<br />Start using them right away<br />Automate, Automate, Automate<br />Work Smarter Not Harder<br /><br />38. TWEET DECK<br />My fave<br />Sort<br />Search<br />Track Keywords<br />Keep your sanity <br /><br />39.<br />40.<br />41. SOCIAL TOO<br />Great for automatically deleting spammy Direct Messages<br />AutoFollow<br />Auto Unfollow<br /><br />42. TWITTERFEED<br />Blog Will Feed Directly Into Your Twitter<br />Every time you post blog Tweet Automatically<br /><br />43. TWEETLATER<br />Automatically Follow<br />Automatically UnFollow<br />Schedule Tweets<br /><br />44. HootSuite<br />RSS Feed<br />Brand Monitoring<br />Scheduled Tweets<br />Tracking<br />FREE<br /><br />45. Twitter For Business Kit<br />@ShawnaFennell<br /><br /></p>